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Air Embolism Malpractices

It can be fatal or result in injuries with a tendency to be life-altering when air is allowed to enter the bloodstream.Fairly rare, air embolisms are normally preventable in healthcare facilities when the proper precautions and procedures are used.

That isn’t the case always, unfortunately, and those who suffer from these errors are the individuals who pay the ultimate price. Air embolisms, within a hospital facility, normally occur from intravenous air introduction into the bloodstream.

It can occur during surgery, and can also happen due to an injection, or when an IV or catheter is placed into a blood vessel.

An air pocket in the blood can travel to the brain or the heart, and can result in fatal blockages.

Air embolisms can result in the following:

  • Improper tubing in priming. If the tubing is improperly primed or primed while the patient is attached.
  • Ruptured tubing or catheter. In tubing, small holes can enable air into an IV.
  • Improper tubing or catheter removal. There is harm when air enters the bloodstream during removal of an IV.
Air Embolism and Its Effects

Air embolisms may be preventable, but once they arise, they are usually fatal. Air embolism as a result of an IV or catheter in patients has a mortality rate of 30%.

Even individuals who survive, however, may sustain injuries, which can cause damage permanently.

Some air embolism complications and symptoms are the following: brain damage; blindness; heart attack; stroke; and death.

Professionals in healthcare, such as physicians and nurses, are trained well on how to prevent air embolism, as well as how to monitor air embolism during medical procedures and surgeries.

Some preventive measures are the following:

Monitoring for air bubbles with a pulmonary artery catheter or ultrasound during surgery; the use of injection procedures and proper ivy tomorrow make sure no air enters into the blood of a patient; and patient positioning for IV insertion or surgery. Patients that are placed in a sitting position, for Ivy procedures, can be a great risk for air embolism.

Any sustained injury from air embolism can cause a number of medical issues, and even fatality for a victim. A severe air embolism injury, in many cases, which occurs in a medical facility, can be grounds for a lawsuit of medical malpractice.

Have you or a loved one been injured due to an air embolism?

If you answered, ‘yes’ you will need access to an attorney in Nashua, New Hampshire who specializes in air embolism malpractices. Not all personal injury attorneys specialize in medical malpractice lawsuits. Our attorneys may be able to help you gain full compensation for your pain and suffering.

Warning: If you or your loved one have suffered an injury due to a severe air embolism injury, the hospital or medical facility may send one of their attorneys or a representative to talk to you about your injury. Avoid signing any paperwork related to your injury. Signing documentation may prevent you from suing them.

Instead, hire a good air embolism malpractices attorney to review your claim or any documentation. We might be able to help you obtain compensation for your medical injuries.

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