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Physician Sexual Misconducts

Between a physician and his or her patients, there is a bond of trust that is understood. This is because patients normally share their most embarrassing and personal concerns with physicians, and relish any medical advice for their own well-being and health.

Thus, it is abhorrent whenever the exploits of a physician tarnishes the trust he or she has gained from the patients.

Victims of sexual assault, at times, patients are normally at their most vulnerable state of body or mind, and the effects of a circumstance of abuse can scar their mental and emotional state throughout the rest of their lives.

Seeking criminal justice, in addition, victims of these horrible circumstances are entitled to gain full compensation for the emotional and mental anguish they sustained, along with the cost of continuous rehabilitation.

Across a vast variety of medical disciplines, while physicians have been accused of physician sexual misconducts, a shocking number of psychiatrists have been guilty of sexual assault in comparison to any other type of practice in medicine.

Representing over one in twenty physicians, psychiatrists become embroiled in a third of all incidents of physician sexual misconducts reported.

Patients who suffer from mental illness, or undergo emotional trauma are likely to be more susceptible and vulnerable to being coerced than most individuals.

However, sexual misconduct may happen in any healthcare facility, and it is crucial to define clearly what is considered sexual abuse or harassment.

Physician sexual misconduct behaviors which are considered reprehensible and inappropriate are the following: uninvited kissing or touching; forced penetration, intercourse, or any sexual activity which is not consensual; use of medicines to render any patient who is not able to resist advances; and unprofessional comments or inappropriate advances, which include unwelcome sexual remarks and innuendo.

You may have a lawsuit against your doctor if you have been the victim of any of these offenses.

Effects of Physician’s Perpetrated Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse victims normally sustain mental disorders and emotional stress throughout their lives.

These individuals may become alcoholics or turn to substance abuse in an attempt to drown suffering and pain.

Many individuals are diagnosed eventually with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and may even be afflicted by flashback experiences, insomnia, or feel lost or hopeless.

Some may find it and extreme challenge to initiate or maintain fresh romantic relationships because of flashbacks, emotional distress, or shame.

You do not deserve to be a victim of this of abuse. Personal injury physician sexual misconducts malpractice attorneys can help seek outcomes, and ask necessary questions without feeling embarrassed or shamed.

Reliable and esteemed personal injury attorneys commit themselves to hold liable medical professionals for sexual abuse that could not only harm an individual for life, but may even be fatal to that patient.

No compensation amount can ever substitute for the severe suffering and pain endured by victims. Nevertheless, victims are still entitled to seek recovery for damages.

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