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Medical Tubing Errors

Modern medicine has become associated with the latest in technology available to treat, monitor, and diagnose patients.

Modern medicine, in the process, has had the ability for many grateful patients to accomplish what may be considered nearly miraculous.

However, the use of cutting-edge technologies designed to provide vastly specific treatments to a certain body part doesn’t leave much room for error.

A treatment provided to the wrong body part or organ can result in complications, and even result in fatally, in some cases.

Medical staff licensed, trained, and properly attentive are required to make certain that the technology is used effectively and safely.

Medical professionals must take necessary precautions to prevent any misuse by accident of certain technologies, which could cause substandard outcomes, or even direct disaster outright for patients in treatment.

Especially after an operation, if you’ve visited a family member or a friend in the hospital, you may have recognized the number of mechanical and electronic devices to which they are connected.

Normally what results is entangled tubing and wiring, which takes some time to back trace to the device of origin.

These machines normally use tubing that resembles the original to provide breathing, medications, nutrition, and various treatments.

These conditions can offer opportunities for the occurrence of medical tubing errors.

This can result in a medical staff member who erroneously causes a treatment prescription to be provided to the wrong body organ or system, likely with deleterious results.

Technological Efforts to Improve Tubing

In recent years, for example, fluids for nutrition meant a nasogastric tube for the stomach mistakenly connected to intravenous lines to result in fatal clots and clogged blood vessels.

Intravenous medications, in turn, have been erroneously delivered, resulting in suffocation, to respiratory devices. 

Units that are overworked and understaffed can be apt to these medical tubing errors, namely when the medical staff is pulled elsewhere or interrupted to attend to the emergency of another patient.

There’s been a movement for years among advocates for patients to allow the various kinds of medical tubing to become more distinguishable one from another to reduce the likelihood of medical tubing errors to be made.

Reforms are in the works to accomplish this feat in medical technology to make certain tubes are used for variant purposes, have variant connectors, and prevent being connected together accidentally.

Making a determination of damages in medical to me ever cases can be a process that is quite complex.

Skillful and experienced attorneys can work diligently, as a result of the malpractice, to demonstrate any losses; as well as assist you to pursue entitled to compensation so that you can move on in life.

Your damages can cover the following expenses: income lost as a result of the malpractice, medical expenses, suffering and pain, rehabilitation costs, and any loss of earnings in the future.

Thus, it is crucial to know the exact compensatory amount, which you will be able to recover, depending on your particular case.

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