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Latrogenic Pneumothorax Malpractice

Defined as a collapsed lung which is caused by medical care or a procedure, an iatrogenic pneumothorax is a condition that is life-threatening, and needs to be immediately treated.

Personal injury medical malpractice attorneys represent a number of clients with sustained injuries caused by medical error, or the negligence of healthcare professionals to detect conditions which required a response immediately.

Specific procedures in surgery can place patients at high risk of lung collapse; thus, it is crucial that the patients are monitored throughout the procedure for signs of distress, and during periods of recovery.

When a doctor, surgeon or other medical professional causes an injury, regardless of how serious or how minor, it can be devastating. Medical staff should be held accountable. Unfortunately, there have been cases were patients have submitted injury claims that were denied because of a technicality.

It’s imperative that injured patients have access to an experienced attorney. If you have been injured due to medical malpractice, you will need a good attorney who is experienced in Iatrogenic pneumothorax malpractice.

An attorney will sit down with you and review your medical claim and investigate any kind of barriers that will hinder you from obtaining the compensation needed to obtain full compensation.

The Occurrence of an Latrogenic Pneumothorax

Between the rib cage and the lung is the pleural space area, and when air starts to accumulate within the space, on the lung, it can place pressure, and make it difficult for the lung to be filled with air upon expansion.

It can usually result from severe trauma and puncture wounds with broken or cracked ribs to the chest. Medical conditions and diseases entail a patient’s predisposition, as well as a collapsed lung experience.

An accidental puncture or laceration, during some procedures of surgery, may result in collapse of a lung. Examples entail performing a biopsy, inserting into a major neck vein a catheter, or draining fluid from the lung.

What results in pneumothorax are the treatment of tuberculosis, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, and emphysema.

Collapsed lung symptoms include shortness of breath, bluing skin, chest pain, increased heart rate, sudden onset of fatigue, and coughing.

A physician must order many tests to confirm the result of pain, as well as associated symptoms, in order to prove a patient has a pneumothorax.

A personal injury medical error attorney will pursue a case in which a healthcare staff does not quickly act to recognize any of the symptoms, do not interpret properly the test results, or fail to order appropriate tests to make a diagnosis.

The tests are the following:

A blood test to make a determination of the carbon dioxide and oxygen level in the bloodstream; a chest x-ray followed by a scan of a computer tomography to make confirmation of the diagnosis; and to identify irregularities, a physical examination of lungs.

If you have been injured, you will need access to an experienced attorney who is well versed in attorney who is experienced in Iatrogenic pneumothorax malpractice.

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