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Caput Succedaneum Malpractices

A condition which affects a baby’s scalp by swelling up is referred to as caput succedaneum. Immediately after birth or during a woman’s pregnancy, this may be noticeable.

Not only is this usually due to negligence on behalf of healthcare providers, but can result in catastrophic complications, which will put the health of the child in jeopardy.

Personal injury attorneys can represent parents who have babies afflicted by caput succedaneum. Attorneys who specialize in birth injury in the role as professional legal advocates can help hold liable medical providers, offering the necessary first-rate representation to receive compensation for sustained infant injuries.

Swelling and Bruising of Infant’s Head

Membranes in the womb of a mother gently hold and support the head of a baby in place, while a cushion is provided by the amniotic fluid.

Medical health institute research websites advise that the occurrence of caput succedaneum is when the womb membranes become mitigated, and there’s a decrease in the fluid amount, which can cause the head of the infant to press on the walls of the birth canal, or the uterus.

The head of a baby, as a result, normally swells or bruises, either at the initial spot, or on both sides.

Caput succedaneum occurs during pregnancy in the final weeks, or due to the following: mothers are required to spend extensive time pushing in difficult, Long labors; the physician uses methods of vacuum extraction or forceps to assist during challenging deliveries; where pressure is used in breech births to move into position the infant.

There are likely adverse side-effects which can result, although this condition can clear up within a few days on its own.

Medical reports reveal that babies with caput succedaneum risk acquiring jaundice, which results in the skin becoming yellow because in the blood, excess bilirubin develops.

Jaundice, left untreated, can cause likely debilitating and catastrophic conditions, which include deafness, cerebral palsy, and injury to the brain.

The proof of negligence in cases of birth injury normally involves proving a medical center or physician neglected to offer the standard of care a patient should expect to receive reasonably.

Your physician may be held liable for sustained infant injuries as a result of the following occurrences: during a woman’s pregnancy, failure to treat and detect rupture of the membrane; in a delivery that is challenging or abnormally extensive, failure to intervene; using excessive force during methods of extractions; and as a result of caput succedaneum, failure to treat and diagnose infant jaundice.

You may be entitled to compensation through a claim of medical malpractice in any of these situations. 

You may be able to recover damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, and associated costs with medical treatment and care necessary for your child, presently and during the subsequent years.

No one deserves to go through life with a lifelong sustained injury, or dealing with the suffering in pain that goes along with losing a member of the family.

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