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Proctologist Malpractice Cases

The job of a proctologist is to treat a variety of illnesses that affect a person's anal canal, rectum, and the intestines. A professional proctologist is a surgeon who received vigorous training in order to treat and diagnose serious conditions accurately by using surgical procedures and medicine.

These skilled surgeons also perform regular medical examinations. The purpose of a medical examination is to help reveal diseases and potential medical problems.

If you or a family member have been injured due to a medical professional’s negligent mistake, you may be due to receive monetary compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills and loss of income. For a consultation, feel free to give the law offices Anzalone Law Firm PLLC a call at: 603.548.3797. One of our medical malpractice attorneys, who specializes in proctologist malpractice cases, in Nashua, New Hampshire, will assist you and evaluate your claim.

A variety of medical conditions a proctologist will treat will require a surgical procedure and include:

  • Hemorrhoids:

    Colorectal surgeons can treat and remove the causes of hemorrhoids with excisional procedures and hemorrhoidal banding.

  • Digestive tract trauma:

    In some cases a surgeon may have to fix damage to either save the patient or to resolve complications developing from the original injury. Digestive tract trauma is a result of an injury that causes damage to the bowels or intestines.

  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS):

    IBS is not only caused by problems with a patient’s digestive tract, it could also be caused by stress. When a person suffers from this condition they experience nausea, stomach aches, diarrhea and the urge to use the restroom frequently.

  • Bowel incontinence:

    Bowel incontinence is when a patient experiences unexpected bowel movement accidents due to not being able to control his/her bowel function.

  • Colon polyps:

    A proctologist is trained to discover growths in the colon and remove them during a colonoscopy.

    The polyps are then evaluated in order to determine a patient’s risk for cancer and other types of medical conditions.

  • Inflammatory bowel disease:

    This type of bowel disease is often called ulcerative colitis Crohn’s disease. The symptoms of this disease includes chronic digestive discomfort.

  • Colorectal cancer:

    Some patients require a colostomy when suffering from this condition. Only a few patients are able to actually have this condition reversed, while others must live with this condition permanently. Treatments may include radiation, surgical removal of the tumor or chemotherapy.

    Prior to having colorectal surgery, patients are supposed to be informed of the high-risk.

Mistakes can occur when a surgeon botches up a surgical procedure. Another reason why many surgeons our sued for malpractice is due to lack of understanding of patient’s medical history. Injured patients should not be held responsible for a medical professionals mistakes.

If you or a loved one have been injured during surgery, you have a right to fight for full compensation for your pain and suffering. You may be entitled to receiving compensation for your loss of income and to pay medical bills. Call our law office today to schedule for an appointment.

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