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Malpractices for Failure to Perform Biopsy

Out of your control is contracting cancer, but the key to surviving the disease is treatment, early detection, and diagnosis.

When radiologists, oncologists, or family physicians neglect to diagnose the disease, that patient can be deprived of any likelihood to beat cancer.

The individual may endure excruciating suffering, and be neglected of valuable months or years in living.

If you are in a position of compromised health, or a member of your family died due to failure of a physician to diagnose cancer, attorneys with expertise, experience, and skills can assist you.

Many attorneys have years of experience bringing successful lawsuits against hospitals and physicians for cancer misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis.

A physician may have missed the signs of cancer, or maybe even reached the wrong conclusion.

You want an attorney who can handle complex medical malpractice lawsuits, like malpractice for failure to perform biopsy.

Failure in Diagnosis of Cancer

Among the most typical claims in medical malpractice is undiagnosed cancer.

However, not every delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis is grounds for medical malpractice for failure to perform biopsy.

There are many factors to consider, such as the stage of cancer, the type of cancer, various symptoms, and what the physicians achieved, or failed to achieve.

With dying patients come tragic stories regarding physicians of healthcare centers that ignore patients due to it being costly for treatment and care of them.

Lawsuits of wrongful death and emotional distress, in these rare instances, are the most viable claims.

Intentional torts may seemingly not be as complex than negligence, but it can be quite a challenge to prove that the physician or healthcare facility neglected purposely to diagnose cancer, or was aware that he or she could’ve diagnosed cancer.

More of a challenge to prove are intentional torts due to the fact a proof of intention means a proof what an individual already knew, could’ve been aware of, and/or proof of an individual’s motive.

Proof a physician was negligent merely stipulates being aware of what a physician, who is reasonable, would do, which can be achieved by asking other physicians for their opinions, and calling them in.

A legal team with experience can recover millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts related to medical malpractice, which includes cancer malpractice.

Skillful attorneys have the resolve and the resources to take these cases necessary directly to a jury.

The best attorneys know how to investigate to reveal incompetence, cover-ups, or carelessness which contributed to the client’s dilemma, such as: dismissing complaints from a patient; failing to perform a colonoscopy, and biopsy, et al; failing to order appropriate blood tests or scans; feeling to referred to a cancer specialist the patient; miss read of x-rays, diagnostics, and CT scans; and misdiagnosing the condition as something but cancer.

A diagnosis of cancer that is false can lead to amputation, radiation, mastectomy, or any other unnecessary treatment.

A misdiagnosis as a condition other than cancer can cause deleterious treatments, as well as any lost opportunity to treat successfully the real disease.

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