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Lab Error

Most tests administered through lab clinical laboratories return results that are accurate, which are disclosed promptly to physicians and the patients.

If a lab technician, however, is ever negligence or Kell’s during the testing process at any stage, even the most minute of errors has the likelihood to result in severe medical complications, long-term financial hardship, and abhorrent psychological distress for patients.

When clinical laboratories misdiagnose patients or make testing errors, they should be held liable for the catastrophic consequences of the actions.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys for Misdiagnosed individuals

If you or a family member was harmed via a lab error, or missed diagnosis, you should contact a clinical malpractice lawyer to review your legal options with your family.

You may be entitled to full financial compensation, depending on the circumstances, which can assist you with loss of income and medical bills, as well as subsequent expenses and projected losses.

Divided into three phases is the lab testing process:

The pre-analytical phase covers the organization of samples and shipment prior to test administration by lab technicians.

During the actual administration of the test is the analytical phase.

The post analytical phase occurs when lab technicians compile reports and analyses of their discoveries to allocate to physicians.

In reference to lab error, studies have indicated that approximately 70% occur within the pre-analytical phase.

The common errors are as follows:

Samples shipped out in improper or broken storage containers.

Samples stored or shipped out in excessive heat, severe humidity and other improper conditions.

Samples arrive at labs, but lack the necessary sample and/or patient information.

Normally due to blood clotting, samples arrive in on usable condition.

Errors during the phases, analytical and/or post-analytical, while less common statistically, can also be a key issue in clinical laboratories across the states.

Mistakes that happen during the analytical phase or post analytical phase entail the following:

Failure to interpret correctly the test result meaning.

After testing is completed, failure to follow up with patients.

Within a reasonable timeframe, failure to notify physicians and/or patients regarding test results.

Failure to calibrate, sterilize, or utilize lab equipment and machines properly.

Mixing up test results of patients.

A few harmful outcomes can arise, depending on which kind of error is committed for the patient with a test sample:

Being told you are ill when in actuality you are healthy, or receiving a false positive report.

Being told you I healthy when in actuality you are ill, or receiving a false negative report.

While the true condition can go undetected and continue to get worse, receiving a misdiagnosis of a condition completely unrelated.

Many prominent and skillful attorneys have decades of experience when managing a sustained injury lawsuit.

Diligent and tireless advocates can assist you regarding lab error medical malpractice.

In handling personal injury claims, attorneys work closely with experienced physicians and medical experts who can make prudent assessments of the healthcare aspects to support your pursuit of full compensation in a medical malpractice case.

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