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Rheumatologist Malpractice Cases

What Does a Rheumatologist Do?

A competent Rheumatologist is described as a trained specialist who treats and diagnoses conditions associated with pain and swelling. A good rheumatologist will determine an appropriate treatment for a patient in a timely manner. However, when a rheumatologist fails to treat or diagnose a patient properly, it can cause serious consequences for a patient.

If you have been injured or experienced serious illness due to a negligent rheumatologist, you will need the guidance of an attorney who specializes in rheumatologist malpractice cases. To get started, call Anzalone Law Firm PLLC, at: 603.548.3797. our malpractice attorneys in Nashua, New Hampshire would like to invite you into office for a free consultation. We will review your malpractice claim and determine if you are eligible to receive monetary compensation for your injuries.

What are some known conditions that are treatable by rheumatologist.

  • Tendonitis:

    Tendonitis may occur due to lack of treatment of the fracture or a severe accident. This condition occurs when the tendons become inflamed due to trauma.

  • Nerve Impingements:

    A nerve impingement happens when when a nerve is pinched, which results in severe pain. Sciatica is an example of a condition that can cause this medical issue.

  • Lupus:

    All though there’s no known cure for lupus at the moment, a good rheumatologist will help a patient manage his/her conditioning by prescribing medication and a healthy diet - this may greatly reduce the patients flare-ups. Lupus has a variety of complications that may affect the brain, heart, joints, lungs, and kidneys. When a patient has lupus here she may feel symptoms, such as fever, rashes and severe joint pain. A rheumatologist who missed diagnosed the patient should be held accountable for his or her negligence.

  • Arthritis:

    Arthritis is a common condition among older adults as well as younger people. This condition involves inflammation of joints, which is painful. In some cases arthritis can be so painful that person is an able to function and move throughout the course of the day. Arthritis can be a result of autoimmune disorders and injuries. A competent rheumatologist will provide the appropriate treatment alternatives.

  • Osteoporosis:

    Osteoporosis is a common disorder that causes excessive absorption of bone tissue. It is vital that a rheumatologist capable of diagnosing osteoporosis in the patient. Otherwise, it can cause a person's bones to weaken. When a person bones weekend it can cause a person to experience injury, such as bone fractures.

  • Gout:

    A rheumatologist prescribes drugs to help reduce painful Gout flare-ups. In addition, patient will be prescribed a healthy diet. Gout is known as a form of arthritis that is extremely painful. The pain is caused by damage to the joints. Gout sufferers may experience excruciating pain for a long period of time, which may result for a few days and even weeks.

Have You Been Injured by a Rheumatologist or a Physician?

If you or a loved one have been injured due to a negligent rheumatologist, give us a call today to set up a consultation with one of our malpractice lawyers.

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