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Children Injured Due to Misread Genetic Testing

It is the objective of most parents to want a child to lead a healthy, safe and happy life.

Physicians and patients, as genetic testing surfaces to become prevalent, can normally compile information regarding possible conditions of genetics, which can assist parents to make decisions important to the future.

If your physician was responsible for children injured due to misread genetic testing, and the child sustained a birth defect, you can receive counseling from a birth injury medical malpractice attorney who can discuss legal options with you.

The attorney will understand how to collect evidence for a wrongful birth legal case to be built, and on your behalf, retain medical experts who are persuasive.

Misread Genetic Testing Results

Typically, a parent can undergo genetic testing if there are concerns regarding if the child may be born with problems that are genetic.

If one parent or both of them, for example, have a medical problem that is hereditary, or they may have had another child with a defect that is genetic, this may require immediate testing.

Parents, in other cases, may merely undergo genetic testing to ensure that a birth defect doesn’t exist, even if no history exists of a birth defect.

When a physician misreads genetic test results, a child, after being born, may have a catastrophic genetic health condition, such as down syndrome, sickle cell disease, an intellectual disability, Tay-Sachs disease, alpha and beta thalassemia, or a variety of other medical conditions.

Children may be born with a genetic condition that reveals itself through genetic testing, but was improperly communicated or diagnosed by a physician.

With children injured due to misread genetic testing, parents may have the ability to file a claim for medical malpractice against the physician at-fault.

Misread genetic test results can result in parents birthing a baby who would not have been conceived if the parents chose otherwise.

Neglect to screen birth defects, as a result, can result in a basis of a claim for medical malpractice.

The basis of a case for medical malpractice is the process of proving negligence.

Putting medical malpractice into context, negligence happens when a medical provider neglects to use standard level of care which a medical provider who is reasonably prudent would have used in a similar circumstance.

The conduct of an OB/GYN, for example, who misread results of the genetic test can be compared to the conduct of another OB/GYN to make a determination of what a OB/GYN, who is reasonably prudent, would have done in the exact situation.

The standard level of care, which is appropriate, will fluctuate from lawsuit to lawsuit, and will be determined by a host of factors, which include the age of the patient, the medical history of the patient, and the medical condition at the time which was being treated.

For children injured due to misread genetic testing, an expert who is qualified is normally in a similar specialty as the defendant in the case for medical malpractice.

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