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Neurological Malpractices

A physician who specializes in the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of disorders and illnesses of the peripheral and central nervous systems, which entails the spinal cord, brain, spinal nerves, cranial nerves, and all key sense organs is a neurologist.

A neurosurgeon, much like a neurologist, specializes in a number of similar disorders and illnesses, except surgery is involved in treatment from a neurosurgeon.

Essentially, there are in the United States about 14,000 active neurologists.

Each individual, subsequent to medical school, must complete a residency of one year in internal medicine, this is followed by a residency of three years, and/or neurology fellowship.

The median annual salary, according to a recent medical research report, for the specialty is approximately $240,000.

In the United States, there are about 3,500 active neurosurgeons.

Each individual, after medical school, must complete in residency one year in general surgery. This is followed by a residency of five to seven years, and maybe neurosurgery fellowship.

For the specialty, the median annual salary is nearly $550,000.

Called upon by patients to administer neurological examinations of balance, muscle movement and strength, tone, reflexes, memory, cognition, and sensation, in order to treat and diagnose a myriad of diseases.

Whether the test is a CT scan, EEG, MRI, lumbar puncture or EMG, where a neurosurgeon or neurologist neglects to order the test, or appropriately treat a spinal or brain disorder, that individual can be held liable for neurological malpractices. 

Typical Neurological Diseases and Conditions

Typical neurological diseases and conditions treated by neurosurgeons or neurologists can entail the following: brain damage; epilepsy; stroke; Parkinson’s; gliomas; cerebral palsy; neuropathy; aneurysm; meningiomas; neuralgia; hydrocephalus; acoustic neuromas; and concussion.

Trial attorneys are best when they have expertise and years of experience to prosecute, investigate, and attempt to contest cases of medical malpractice, which arise from, or due to neurosurgical malpractices and neurological errors.

If you or a member of the family have a neurological disorder, or wasn’t properly treated, you or a loved one may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, healthcare costs, and suffering and pain.

You want to hire an attorney qualified in representing patients with sustained injuries, and nervous system, spinal cord, and brain damage due to accidents, negligence, elective surgeries gone awry, and incorrect or missed diagnoses.

An experienced personal injury attorney has knowledge regarding the standard of care for patients. He or she can recognize relevant issues, and can investigate in each case the medical care.

In areas of personal injury, patient safety issues, catastrophic injury, product liability, and health law, a respectable attorney can represent businesses, individuals, and professionals.

The best lawyers integrate life experience and knowledge, with law principles crucial to each case.

The passion of a good attorney is quality care for medical patients. He or she will be committed to each patient entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.

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