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Blood Contamination & Lawsuits

The source in which oxygen can be transported to body cells and organs is blood. Without a supply of blood, there is no existence of a human being. Blood transfusions, as such, may be necessary for patients who undergo therapy treatments or invasive surgeries.

It is crucial for patients to know the risk involved with blood contamination and what it entails. The human body can develop an infection quickly when blood becomes contaminated. This can even result in the development of hepatitis and AIDS in dire instances, or death.

Typical Blood Contamination Causes

By a host of factors, blood contamination can be the result. It can be caused by surgical instruments that aren’t washed properly, or cleaned before it is used during an operation.

The contamination of blood can occur if it’s not protected efficiently when stored in a blood bank. The blood may be exposed to bacteria, which may grow then all throughout samples of blood.

Contaminated blood may cause improper screening of blood donors, improper completion of transfusions of blood, and use of practices with improper dialysis. Prominent healthcare organizations report that several causes of errors in blood transfusions can result from communication and paperwork issues.

A patient may not offer for a blood transfusion the proper consent, or verification may not be complete in the ability of a patient to donate blood with no infection. Errors may exist in the labels of a blood sample or specimen of the patient.

These are factors which can lead to catastrophic issues within the body of a patient in the blood contamination. A patient, during surgery, may need, as well, blood supply which surgeons neglect to provide.

Errors can occur when an individual loses during an operation plenty of blood, and surgeons have neglected to provide or identify a remedy. If an individual has too long to wait to receive any supply of blood that is necessary, then for that patient, fatality may be inevitable.

Physicians and nurses have a particular duty of care to fulfill in considering the patient’s safety during a medical operation. It is crucial that a high standard is met.

As for bacterial infection development in blood transfusions of red blood cells, there is a research study by the United States National Library of Medical Science.

The research study is a comprehensive discussion of the infection source in contamination of blood, which is quite informative to educate oneself in these medical matters.

In units of blood, nearly 14 million, according to the research study, are transfused annually to individuals in the United States. This affliction is prevalent as well in other nations around the world, namely New Zealand.

An effective method to cleanse blood is diverting the first draw of blood. Those in research indicate in the study that the initial diverting of 10 to 30 milliliters of blood will boost any likelihood that bacteria doesn’t exist.

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