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Legal Claims Premised on Failure to Warn of Talcum Dangers

For decades, Johnson & Johnson has sold talcum powder products despite being aware for years of association discovered between ovarian cancer and talcum powder.

Many of the products are still marketed for use to keep women in the genital area feeling dry and fresh, and the lack of product warnings has many consumers making claims that the pharmaceutical conglomerate should be held liable for various ovarian cancer cases.

With legal claims premised on failure to warn of talcum dangers, a number of women desire that these products are pulled from the marketplace because of an inexplicable association with enhanced cancer risk.

The Historical Association of Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

While talcum powders from Johnson & Johnson have gained attention for association with cancer in women recently, the connection was actually established many decades ago.

Dr. Cramer, an epidemiologist from Harvard, administered and reported results from a 1982 study which documented the association, and the research elicited, as well, a response from Johnson & Johnson.

The pharmaceutical conglomerate heard concerns from Dr. Cramer and discussed evidence he found. Johnson & Johnson, however, continued to sell the products despite suggestion from Dr. Cramer that they be pulled immediately from the marketplace.

Johnson & Johnson, despite repeated warnings, did not only persist in selling the talcum powder products, but without the slightest warning to customers, has done so.

However, Shower to Shower Original, Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder, or Shower to Shower Sport have any warnings on the labels.

Over the use of talcum products, concerns prompted physicians to suggest that mothers stay away from the use of the products on children, and refrain from using the powders in the genital area.

The recommendations from these physicians are based on the various medical studies administered over the last three decades, which have established and documented the association between ovarian cancer and talcum products.

There have been concerns raised regarding whether talcum products are safe for males, as talc possesses characteristics similar in nature to asbestos.

Johnson & Johnson, on its baby powder products, has placed warnings not to enable children to inhale these powders, and to refrain from use close to the face.

Primarily, this is because in addition to being associated with ovarian cancer, there is an association even more pronounced between the development of lung cancer and the substance.

With legal claims premised on failure to warn of talcum dangers, law of product liability favors the customer from the aspect that you may hold liable the manufacturer for sustained injuries caused by the products; as long as the products were used, due to a product defect, for intended purposes.

A failure to offer warnings is considered in most courts of law to be a defect in the product, which can enable a number of women to argue that the willful withholding of Johnson & Johnson of this crucial information makes them held liable for legal claims premised on failure to warn of talcum dangers, which have resulted in cases of ovarian cancer.

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