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Neonatal and Postnatal Infections

Immediately subsequent to birth, that can be a hazardous period. So many situations can go wrong and result in injury to a newborn baby, namely if the healthcare staff neglects to monitor properly the child.

Neonatal and postnatal infections are typical in infants because their immune systems are weak; special consideration must be administered to make sure the environments of delivery and post-delivery are kept free of contaminants and clean to prevent infection.

Birth injury medical malpractice attorneys represent clients victimized by infections due to undue harm to babies within delivery or after birth. Available birth injury attorneys on your behalf can fight to recover damages and entitled compensation.

Conditions Due to Neonatal and Postnatal Infections

There are infants who are born with immune systems that are weak. This can make matters necessary to take every step possible to avoid and identify early neonatal and postnatal infections prior to it resulting in catastrophic complications.

Typical causes of the infection can entail the following: delivery instruments that are not clean; used within and subsequent to delivery, equipment with contaminants; infrequent or inadequate steps taken to keep clean the newborn baby; and lack of proper evaluation and testing for infection and other symptoms.

When improperly treated, infections can result in critical extensive harm and have an effect on the child’s development. 

The family deserves compensation, if an infection causes a permanent condition to change the quality of life for a child, for the cost of treating the special needs of a child throughout his or her lifetime.

While steps are taken constantly to make medical facility environments clean and sanitary, unfortunately, many healthcare centers are notoriously filled with repugnant strains of fungus and bacteria because of a development of resistance to certain pharmaceuticals and antibiotics.

Typical infections discovered in newborn babies entail the following: meningitis; strep B., or streptococcus; E. Coli; an infection of the blood, or sepsis; pink eye, or conjunctivitis; and Candidiasis, a fungal infection.

Infections that go untreated can result in damage to the brain, problems with development, or even death. Thus, it is crucial that babies are monitored closely for any signs of infections. 

Treatment at an early stage can normally be able to prevent catastrophic complications which occur from neonatal and postnatal infections. The lack of a quick response or proper monitoring can actually make a difference for dire outcomes.

Failure to identify or treat any infection in a newborn baby or in utero may be a negligent act or medical malpractice if it is deemed that the medical staff neglected to take necessary steps to prevent or care for the condition.

If your baby sustained conditions due to an infection that was not treated, then you may be able to receive compensation to cover the suffering, pain and care of the child.

Birth injury medical malpractice attorneys do specialize in these type of cases, and have represented, with success, clients in similar circumstances.

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