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Causes of Birth Injury

Mothers who are expecting, as well as the lives of their unborn children, rest in the hands of the medical practitioners who provide prenatal care to them during the birthing process. Negligent prenatal treatment can result in causes of birth injury.

When an obstetrician-gynecologist neglects to detect a dilemma or notify a woman of critical risk factors, the mother and baby are at-risk for sustaining injuries.

These are not restricted, but include gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and key infections.

Birth Injury During Delivery

Delivery and labor rooms can be quite chaotic, with a number of physicians and nurses going in and out during an extensive delivery.

Miscommunication and errors are likely to be causes of birth injury; delivery and labor negligence can be the result due to a fast-paced environment.

Throughout the delivery and labor stages, the health of baby and mother need to be monitored closely, with necessary procedures taken if there are indicators of distress.

Birth injuries, in many instances, are preventable if the attending physician and medical staff had only monitored the condition of the mother and baby more carefully, heeded signs of warning, and made prudent choices.

Many sustained injuries are caused by the failure of a physician to administer a cesarean-section during a childbirth that was difficult.

The failure to administer a cesarean can cause cerebral palsy, damage to the brain, or other developmental disabilities which normally can lead to lifelong disabilities.

Physicians and medical delivery teams run a risk that is higher in causes of birth injury, and fetal fatalities when using specific delivery techniques during vagina births.

Certain techniques can result in birth trauma, and entail the use of vacuum-assisted delivery instruments and forceps when the shoulders of a baby are too vast for the birth canal, or the newborn becomes stuck behind the pubic area.

Neonatal injuries can be caused by vacuum extractors, and a number of new extractors have rubber cups that are soft, as opposed to metal caps to diminish injuries of newborns to the scalp and head.

It can be a challenge for the parents to know whether a sustained injury could’ve been prevented without guidance from the outside.

Birth injury medical malpractice attorneys have acquired hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for various clients, for individuals and loved ones to receive better treatment subsequently.

Personal injury attorneys specializing in medical malpractice normally work with a team of healthcare research and nursing practitioners.

In the pursuit of compensation for members of the families of victims, attorneys represent individuals of sustained injuries due to negligent healthcare professionals.

It is advisable, therefore, to seek legal assistance to handle complicated cases which individuals would not be able to manage alone.

Regardless of how challenging the legal case may be, personal injury medical malpractice attorneys will be able to assist you and your family.

Attorneys have the experience, expertise, and resources to accomplish what may be virtually impossible for the clients. To recover damages, you may be entitled to compensation.

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