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Cephalhematoma Malpractices

Cephalhematoma is a result of hemorrhage between the skull of a newborn, and the membrane between the brain of the baby, and bone as a protective lining.

Not to be confused with caput succedaneum, there is similarity with bruising which appears on the scalp of an infant after birth.

The two conditions are the result of exerted pressure on the head of a child during birth; they may even be exacerbated via forceps or vacuum assisted deliveries.

In and of itself, cephalhematoma is not threatening to one’s life; normally, on its own it will heal. However, it may result in additional and catastrophic complications if not properly monitored.

A birth injury medical malpractice attorney can become dedicated to represent your interests if you’ve been injured because of medical negligence. You can file a claim for cephalhematoma malpractices.

Complications Due to Cephalhematoma Unmonitored

Any type of a hemorrhage should be reason enough to administer additional monitoring for newborn babies due to the likelihood of jaundice.

The body of a child is not capable to regulate levels of bilirubin on its own at this development stage. This can result in cerebral palsy, jaundice, and damage to the brain. Due to the environment of a child and internal bleeding, infection is a possibility.

Typical infections, which accompany the cephalhematoma condition, are osteomyelitis and meningitis.

In addition to levels of elevated bilirubin and infection risks, newborn babies with this condition may have a diminished red blood cell count or be anemic; this normally occurs whenever the factor happens to be blood loss.

When physicians neglect to monitor vital signs of a newborn, and administer proper tests for diagnosis to identify any complications, they become held liable for sustained injury due to improper or lack of treatment.

Most of the injuries to the skulls of newborns are caused by forceps, vacuum assisted, or other instruments used within the delivery duration.

Using these devices should only be considered as a last resort; if possible, a C-section, in order, should be considered to prevent undue birth injury.

If a delivery that is vacuum assisted or using forceps is necessary, then it is crucial for doctors to monitor with extra care the progress of the infant, and diagnose promptly any condition which is caused by trauma due to delivery instruments.

Any neglect to achieve this may result in a lawsuit for cephalhematoma malpractices. It is crucial to consider with a birth injury lawyer your legal options if during childbirth your baby sustained injuries.

Esteemed and skillful birth injury attorneys have success and experience when representing individuals who have sustained injuries during delivery or labor.

Access to healthcare experts enables attorneys to assess the case properly, and seek financial compensation for expenses, past and future, regarding sustained injuries because of medical negligence.

Contact an attorney immediately for consultation if your child sustained injuries during delivery, and you believe the physician or medical staff should be held liable for cephalhematoma malpractices.

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