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Fetal Stroke Malpractice

The occurrence of fetal stroke takes place whenever flow of blood to the brain of an unborn child is blocked or restricted, and permanent damage to the brain is due to trauma.

There is a likelihood of a variety of factors attributed to the fetal stroke condition, which includes neglecting to use instruments for delivery, causing, to the head of a child, trauma.

Birth injury medical malpractice attorneys can assist you. They commit themselves to holding liable medical centers, and healthcare staffs for sustained birth injuries due to fetal stroke malpractice. Attorneys with expertise and experience represent the interest of injured babies, as well a loved ones responsible for caring for them.

Harm Due to Fetal Stroke

Whether the result of fetal stroke is due to actions administered by a doctor or natural, regardless, the time of response upon discovering a stroke can be a key factor in the critical nature of sustained injuries.

Typical causes of fetal stroke entail the following: blood clots; preeclampsia, due to high blood pressure while pregnant; hemorrhaging; gestational diabetes; of the placenta, premature detachment; during delivery, trauma to the head; resulting from bacterial infection presence, inflammation of membranes; and deprivation of oxygen to the brain of a child, asphyxia. This can be due to a host of factors, such as a major blood vessel blockage, or around the neck of a child, wrapping of the umbilical cord.

Many fetal strokes happen before delivery, and several are not detected until subsequent to the birth of the baby, and when he or she sustains impairment when the use of brain damages parts are needed.

Regarding the nature of fetal strokes, sustained injuries can result in a permanent impact of the quality of the life of a child. This may require extensive care to treat these various conditions.

Costs to care for a child with neurological or developmental problems usually results in vast pressure on finances within the family. This is why it is crucial to consider legal options and seek counsel from a birth injury attorney if your child was harmed from fetal stroke malpractice. 

Typical conditions and injuries which cause fetal stroke entail the following: mental retardation; cerebral palsy; epilepsy; problems with development; and on one side of the body, impaired motor function.

Birth injury medical malpractice attorneys with years of experience and success in winning cases understand the financial and emotional toll from raising a child with damage in the brain takes on the family of the child.

Attorneys commit to relieve the burden through seeking financial compensation for sustained injuries due to negligence and medical error.

Families of child sufferers as a result of these medical conditions from fetal stroke malpractice should have the necessary peace of mind of being aware costs are covered for the treatment of the child.

Your child may have sustained injuries during childbirth or pregnancy, and you believe the physician or medical delivery staff neglected to take suitable measures to treat or prevent injuries of your child.

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