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Placental Abruption Malpractices

A balance that is delicate between the mother’s health, and the new life of baby inside her she carries is pregnancy.

It is a miraculous and exciting experience for most mothers as they endure nine months to nurture inside of them the tiny baby.

During pregnancy, unfortunately, there are complications which can alter this joyous time to one of fear and dread.

When the placenta separates from the uterus wall, that complication is referred to as placental abruption. A victim can file a claim for placental abruption malpractices.

There is a likelihood this can harm mother and child. However, realizing the treatments, indications, and causes can enable expectant mothers to act instantly to diminish the potential of harm to mothers and their children.

The Cause for Placental Abruption

Often referred to as a mere abruption, placental abruption is when there’s a pull away of the placenta from the wall of the uterus prior to the delivery of the baby.

Not only for the mother, but for the child as well, this danger can be quite real.

It can cause the body, for the mother, for hemorrhaging to begin; for excessive blood loss, this can place her at risk.

The situation can be quite dire, for the baby, and can result in lack of oxygen and fetal distress, which can cause damage to the brain, and death.

Such as a fall or a vehicle collision, in some cases, it may be a result of a direct abdomen blow.

Many times, however, it could happen without any warning.

These instances, which may require immediate medical care, entail the following: intense back pain; during pregnancy, vaginal bleeding; abdominal tenderness or pain; from an accident or a fall, abdomen is struck; and even if it is minor, mother is involved in vehicle collision.

With little to absolutely no bleeding in the vagina, it is crucial to recognize that a placental abruption can occur.

There is not always a correlation between the blood amount, and the abruption extent.

At times the abruption can occur instantly, or gradually over time.

The blood loss, for the mother, can result in shock, and death if she doesn’t receive medical care. This situation can be fatal for the unborn child.

Of nutrients and oxygen, the fetus can be deprived once there is separation of the placenta from the uterus.

Placental abruption malpractices may be a result of the following causes: stroke; damage to the brain; cerebral palsy; and death.

The placenta will never be able to reattach to the uterus once an abruption takes place. 

The mother is normally admitted to the hospital for treatment because most abruptions are healthcare emergencies.

There may not be another option, if fetus is in distress, to perform an emergency cesarean, and prematurely deliver the baby.

If the heartbeat of the baby is normal, however, and there’s only a mild abruption, the mother may be closely monitored, and permitted to prolong the pregnancy if the child doesn’t appear to be in danger or in distress.

During a catastrophe, a mother may file a lawsuit for placental abruption malpractices.

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