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Labor Induction and Pitocin Error Malpractice

A synthetic version of Oxytocin is Pitocin; to cause contractions in the uterus during labor, a hormone is released.

Used in cases where increased contractions or labor induction are necessary, Pitocin is used, either because of prolonged labor, or various other health complications.

There are catastrophic risks to using Pitocin; thus, it is merely a suggestion for use in circumstances where needed.

The Pitocin drug has been scrutinized for whether the drug can result, even under adequate usage, in mother and fetal harm.

There is definitely a risk, however, to children when errors do occur medically, which can place children at risk for extensive injuries, and death, which can result in labor induction and Pitocin error malpractice.

Labor Induction and Pitocin Errors

Pitocin use for labor induction has become a controversy. 

There have been studies recently which have confirmed a correlation between the use of the Pitocin drug, and young children who have a low APGAR score and are admitted to neonatal intensive care unit. APGAR is a test, once outside the womb, of the health of the baby.

On the safety of Pitocin, more studies continue to be conducted although there have yet to be any conclusions.

Much is known already regarding dangers of Pitocin when not administered properly regardless of general safety drug speculation.

For both the fetus and the mother, the drug has catastrophic risks, which require close monitoring for distress of mother and fetus. 

The mother may be afflicted by certain effects when the drug is offered in dosage that’s too high, improperly monitored, or the wrong situation, such as: pelvic hematoma; cardiac arrhythmia; subarachnoid hemorrhage; rupture of uterus; and death.

For the unborn child, severe consequences will arise from every risk for the mother.

An overdose of the Pitocin drug, in addition, can have an effect on the child even if the drug does not endanger the mother.

An overdose of the Pitocin drug can slow the heartbeat of the fetus, cause lack of oxygen in the fetus, and failure to the liver, and death.

A child may be injured permanently, if he or she survives, which can have an effect throughout their lives, such as: heart problems; damage to the liver; lack of oxygen due to damage to the brain; and lack of oxygen due to cerebral palsy.

The medical staff should administer Picotin with immense caution since the use of the drug can present adverse side-effects.

Many times the Picotin drug, unfortunately, used in situations which aren’t recommended, with improper monitoring or dosage that is too high, which can be grounds for labor induction and Pitocin error malpractice.

Children have lost their lives or sustained permanent injuries to induce labor because of Pitocin errors.

If a child died or had sustained birth injuries due to the misuse of Pitocin, you and members of your family are entitled to seek compensation for medical expenses, and the loss.

A labor induction and Pitocin error malpractice lawsuit can be filed when a medical error resulted in an injury.

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