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Uterine Rupture Malpractices

An event that is both life-altering and joyous, childbirth can also be a hazard when complications occur for both child and mother.

Uterine rupture is a complication which can cause injuries to the mother, as well as birth injuries.

If you or your child sustained an injury as a result of uterine rupture due to medical malpractice, you can immediately contact a birth injury lawyer.

Experienced and skillful attorneys can examine any facts regarding uterine rupture malpractices, and help to determine any legal options related to your case.

Pregnancy Uterine Rupture Harm

During pregnancy, uterine rupture is a complication that is rare and severe, with a high likelihood of maternal and fetal morbidity.

A tear in the uterus wall is normally the result. This happens most typically at the previous Cesarean-section incision site, although this can occur even without this history.

The tear, in a rupture that’s complete, can pierce through every layer of the wall of the uterus.

A thorough rupture is vastly more hazardous, and during the delivery process, can pose more of a risk.

A uterine rupture can be the result of a forced prolonged pushing period, on the mother’s stomach, pressing down too hard, or making a Cesarean incision that is improper.

Likely consequences related to the uterine rupture condition are the following: postpartum anemia; lack of blood supply and oxygen to the baby; for the mother, severe blood loss and hemorrhage; shock due to lack of body fluids; injuries to the bladder; and if the uterus is beyond repair, hysterectomy.

Uterine ruptures can be considered emergencies which are life-threatening.

A physician is trained to detect symptoms and signs of warning of a likely hemorrhage or uterine rupture.

When a failure of a medical professional to respond to and diagnose these indications results in the injury, that healthcare professional can be held liable for uterine rupture malpractices.

You must establish, in order to prove medical malpractice, that the healthcare professional who was responsible for you was the cause of your sustained injury due to violating the standard of care applicable.

Generally, a standard of care is the applicable practices and procedures used by healthcare professionals when treating patients within a similar geographic location with a specific condition.

The standard of care, as a result, will fluctuate depending on certain factors, including the medical history and age of the patient.

Victims of uterine rupture malpractices can recover damages, economic and non-economic.

Lost wages, medical bills, future costs for medicines, and rehabilitation costs are examples of economic damages. 

Disfigurement, suffering and pain, and other damages which can hardly be quantified with a monetary amount are examples of non-economic damages.

Victims of uterine rupture malpractices, in rare circumstances, may have the ability to recover damages punitive in nature. As opposed to the plaintiff being compensated, the wrongdoer is punished.

The plaintiff, to receive punitive damages, must prove that the violation of the duty of care of the medical professional was egregious, severe, or exceeded mere negligence.

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