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Malpractices for Failure to Diagnose Hydrocephalus

When our newborn babies and children are afflicted with undiagnosed hydrocephalus, it can result in catastrophic damage to the brain, which can affect cognitive development and function.

Personal injury attorneys who specialize in hydrocephalus can assist you to ensure that parents of child victims who’ve sustained traumatic injuries because of neglect or inability of physicians to detect this affliction due to children’s conditions may be able to treat their needs.

Hydrocephalus results in fluid buildup inside the brain, which can result in damage from severely produced pressure when these body fluids cannot escape the brain skull.

Hydrocephalus Symptoms in Small Children and Babies

It is crucial to diagnose and care for this affliction before any damage becomes catastrophic enough to affect motor function, learning, and reasoning skills, due to the deleterious effect of hydrocephalus on a child’s brain function.

The first step toward any hydrocephalus diagnosis is recognition of symptoms. When your physician identifies the following symptoms, the doctor should prepare tests to erase any conditions which could cause the dilemma.

When a child is symptomatic for hydrocephalus, failure to order tests can be considered a type of negligence or malpractice.

A constant gaze downward in newborns; intense irritability which doesn’t seem to pass; a bulge in the soft spot of the skull, which may expose a pressure buildup; and a sudden high-pitched crying which lasts for a moment.

Other conditions are the following: vomiting; excessive tiredness or fatigue; the loss of bowel control or urinary incontinence; seizures; the loss of reasoning skills or inability to concentrate; uncontrolled spasms or muscle movements; and uncontrollable eye movement, changes in space between the eyes, or crossing of the eyes.

Hydrocephalus can result in catastrophic damage to areas of brain that function memory, learning, and reasoning.

Children sustaining hydrocephalus may reveal sudden loss of short-term memory, or have sudden attitude or behavior changes.

This can entail irrational behavior, outbursts, or sudden depression. If you recognize any of these instant changes, seek immediate medical attention for the small child.

During immediate detection and treatment of hydrocephalus, it is likely to prevent and mitigate the damage to the brain which is caused from the pressured buildup within the brain.

Patients who are enduring this affliction must undergo a procedure that is rather complicated, in which a system is created within the head to extract excessive fluid, and prevent further pressured buildup.

Inside the skull and a created tube system, a reservoir system, a pressure activated valve, and catheters, a hole is drilled to remove excess of brain fluid as it builds up.

The designed valve is created to activate when the inside of the skull pressure reaches a level that is unsafe, and the system flushes any buildup of fluid to decrease, in the process, any pressure buildup.

Patients, additionally, with hydrocephalus should be regularly monitored for symptoms of overwhelming pressure within the brain skull.

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