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Failure to Diagnose Neck Fracture Malpractice

Normally a serious condition, cervical neck fracture can produce consequences which are life-altering.

Particularly vulnerable to fracturing or breaking is the neck.

Any accident or collisions at high speed, with a crucial impact, can injure or fracture neck vertebrae.

As a result of a cervical vertebrae break, the fracture can affect its continuity.

Paralysis can occur, if specific fractures take place in the cervical neck vertebrae. This includes quadriplegia and paraplegia.

Catastrophic fractures and neck injuries are usually the result of a host of serious accidents and impacts. The most typical cervical causes of a fracture in the neck entail: cervical spine; vehicle accident; whiplash injury; motorcycle accident; commercial vehicle collision; work related injury; slipping and falling; and impact of a blow to the neck or head; and physical activities and sports.

Typical Symptoms of an Individual Injury

An individual may suffer through the stages at the beginning of an undiagnosed fracture in the neck. They normally experience a myriad of basic symptoms, which include the following: muscle spasm; stiff neck; bruising; catastrophic pain involved with movement; swelling and tenderness; redness and puffiness; lack of mobility; and numbness.

Without suitable treatment and diagnosis, a neck vertebrae fracture can result in critical symptoms, which can include paralysis.

Any of these can entail numbness and weakness in the legs and arms, the inability to stay balanced or walk, and uncontrollable urinating and defecating.

Individuals make assumptions that a fracture in the neck is a medical problem that can easily be diagnosed.

A fracture, however, is not clearly apparent always when examining an x-ray.

Individuals who suffer fractures in the neck normally experience pain issues and lack of mobility, and then only seek help for medical attention.

Physicians usually diagnose inaccurately a fracture to the neck that cause severe complications, which include worsening the problem even when the patient reveals several typical symptoms.

Lack of experience or inadequate training can result in a misdiagnosis.

Physicians can rely on imaging medical equipment, which include x-ray machines. Therefore, they may take images improperly, which can lead to results that are not accurate.

Physicians, unfortunately, usually misread x-rays searching for sustained injuries, or diagnose improperly a catastrophic or minor fracture to the neck through lack of experience, or through an x-ray taken improperly.

X-rays can also be used in detecting ligamentous injuries and various conditions, in addition to identifying fractures.

Any neglect to diagnose cervical fractures and various conditions can make the radiologist and/or physician liable in a lawsuit of a medical malpractice.

Any individual who has suffered injury to the neck, through a misdiagnosis normally deal with excruciating continuous pain, and extensive suffering.

It is usually necessary, because of that, to pursue a claim of medical malpractice to recover compensation.

A personal injury medical malpractice attorney with skills can handle cases involving cervical fractures to the neck to seek full compensation from liable parties.

This can usually include the radiologist, physicians, lab technicians, nurses, and other providers of healthcare, along with the healthcare center.

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