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Failure to Diagnose Cancer & Lawsuits

In today’s society in America, the failure to diagnose cancer has become a prevalent issue; in diagnosis, cancer has also become a problem throughout the world.

The failure to diagnose cancer and it’s cost, unlike other cases of medical malpractice, is not the cost of additional operations or money.

The cost of human life is what is affected by the failure to diagnose cancer, normally, which is why it is crucial for people to begin to address the standards to which physicians are held in medicine here in the United States.

In overcoming cancer, to be successful, it is crucial to become engaged in early detection of tumors or any lumps in the human body.

It is vital for the physician, when a patient visits the physician’s office, to perform any tests necessary on the patient to discover whether the tumor is cancerous.

Physicians who neglect to fulfill these tests because of the costliness may be engaged in malpractice, and it is important for patients to be knowledgeable of this.

A PSA test or another type of test to detect cancer may need to be administered, for a physician to help a cancer patient start the process in its early stages to fight the disease.

In its early stages, if the disease fails to be detected, then it may become more of a challenge for a patient to overcome this affliction.

Negligence of a Physician to Diagnose Cancer

There are various forms of negligence which may emerge that involves failure to diagnose cancer in a case.

The physician, most typically, will neglect to achieve the tests necessary to detect cancer, such as a biopsy or mammogram.

The pathologist or radiologist may be involved in other cases of negligence in handling a medical file of a patient.

For example, on a slide a radiologist may misread photos of the lump or tumor within the body of the patient.

The cancer cells of a patient may not be detected if the photos are misinterpreted.

Then the physician receives from the pathologist or radiologist this information, and as a result, he or she neglects to diagnose cancer.

There are various types of cancer which a physician may neglect to diagnose, and the patient may file a legal claim who ends up developing these kinds of the disease.

Personal injury medical negligence attorneys can assist individuals who have developed a type of cancer due to a physician’s neglect to diagnose various conditions, such as: prostate cancer; leukemia; thyroid cancer; rectal cancer; lung cancer; skin cancer; breast cancer; uterine cancer; kidney cancer; ovarian cancer; and other cancer types.

In a devastating fashion, when a physician neglects to diagnose cancer in an individual, it is that patient who suffers most.

The patient may have to endure rounds of chemotherapy, which are more intense than he or she would’ve had to endure initially with a diagnosis that was correct.

Medical procedures which are very costly may be necessary in removing various lumps or tumors from the body of a patient.

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