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Malpractices for Failure to Diagnose Hirschsprung

Personal injury attorneys who specialize in the Hirschsprung’s Disease can assist you if you have children with sustained injuries or have died because of a physician’s neglect to diagnose the disease, in which a baby newborn suffers from contraction of bowels which leads to blockage in intestines.

While this condition is rare, it is easy to detect the symptoms. Treatment options on hand make it likely to allow suffering children with the affliction to live independent and normal lives.

Whenever a physician neglects to treat a congenital disorder that is life-threatening or misses a diagnosis, parents can file a lawsuit for wrongful death or malpractice.

Hirschsprung’s Disease and Its Symptoms

Approximately 25% of blockages in the intestines of newborn babies are due to Hirschsprung’s Disease, which is the result of ganglion nerve cell absence in the large intestine to prevent narrowing or contractions in the bowel.

The results, when bowel contracts, are material buildup within the intestines, as well as pressure that leads to a perforated intestine or ruptured bowel.

This disorder is unique and the symptoms are essentially noticeable, which entail the following:

Bowel movements which are irregular. An infant, on average, has on daily two to five bowel movements, that depends on whether the mother breastfeeds the child, or feeds the child formula.

The child usually, when breastfeeding, more frequently moves his or her bowels.

Children suffering from the disease won’t have as many movements of bowels due to the large intestinal contraction.

As for enlarged colon, the waste buildup within the intestine can result in distension and swelling. This becomes identifiable as the child sustains abdominal distension.

This area that is enlarged is a result of an inability of waste matter to exit a body, and among the most revealing symptoms of Hirschsprung.

Vomiting is the way of the body to eliminate unwanted matter, and infants will project vomiting when they suffer from long-term constipation.

Meconium is a dark green material which forms the initial bowel movement any baby passes. Normally, this can occur following birth within the first 48 hours.

Another telltale symptom of Hirschsprung’s Disease is a failure of a baby to pass meconium.

If the waste buildup results in high pressure amounts within the intestine, it can cause rupture or perforation.

There are severe conditions which can result in catastrophic septic shock, internal bleeding, and death.

Personal injury attorneys with expertise and experience in Hirschsprung’s Disease can help you recover compensation entitled to you when a physician allows conditions of the disease to go untreated and undiagnosed.

Hirschsprung’s Disease must be surgically treated. There are some available options, but that depends on the catastrophic nature of the disease, and other risks.

Many of the procedures start with a colostomy for a path to be cleared with a child to pass bowel movement followed several years later by a procedure to allow for routine bowel function the intestine to reconnect with the anus.

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