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Malpractice for Failure to Diagnose Diaphragmatic Hernia

A condition that is life-threatening is diaphragmatic hernia. It requires an emergency treatment. The negligence to respond to and diagnose this condition by physicians can cause catastrophic injury, if not death.

Personal injury attorneys for a diaphragmatic hernia can assist and represent your interests if you sustained complications, or lost a loved one due to the actions of negligence of a medical center, physician, or attending members of a staff.

If you or a member of the family sustained a condition, and didn’t receive proper treatment promptly to prevent long-term rehabilitation or fatality, you may be able to receive compensation.

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Diaphragmatic Hernia Types

The diaphragm is a muscle that is thick which can assist with breathing, and safeguard the heart and lungs from intestines, spleen, stomach, and liver, all the abdominal organs.

The result of sustained injuries or holes in the diaphragm is a diaphragmatic hernia, which can result in the collapse of abdominal organs into cavity of the chest.

During pregnancy, and as a result of injury or trauma to the abdomen, are two of diaphragmatic hernia forms.

Over the course of pregnancy, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, or CDH, can result from the diaphragm developing poorly, and result in the child born with a malformed lung (or lungs) due to an intrusion of organs of the abdomen into chest cavity.

In most cases, fortunately, only one lung gets affected. When identified promptly, the condition can receive proper treatment.

ADH, or acquired diaphragmatic hernia, happens when the victim sustains a blunt stomach or chest injury, or is victimized by a violent crime, like shooting or stabbing.

CDH symptoms are typically present when a child is born. The newborn baby must endure surgery within life of the initial one to two days in order to achieve complete recovery.

Very similar in symptoms are both CDH and ADH. However, it may be a bit more of a challenge to detect without a closer examination abnormal breathing in babies.

There are many afflictions which can have a catastrophic effects on the lives of patients. A reliable and respected attorney will be able to assist you if you or a member of the family have been afflicted by diaphragmatic hernia.

No individual should have to live the rest of his or her life in excruciating pain and suffering without a chance to receive compensation, and recover damages.

Malpractice for Failure to Diagnose Diaphragmatic Hernia Attorneys

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