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Spastic Cerebral Palsy

A disorder as a result of the damage to the brain’s motor cortex is known as spastic cerebral palsy, specifically.

During a baby’s delivery or not long after, this damage can occur.

In the mother, due to certain infections, namely group B strep, spastic cerebral palsy can be an issue.

Until several years later, some children may not be diagnosed, although cerebral palsy can be detected as an infant in your child.

Resulting in more than 70% of cases dealing with cerebral palsy, spastic cerebral palsy is the most typical type.

Most individuals diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy, despite the condition deriving from injury to the brain, have more disabilities that are physical than mental.

Many symptoms that are physical can accompany spastic cerebral palsy.

A child may appear as if he or she is bending down while walking; this is called the scissor gait.

The child may have a gait by walking on tip toes with turned in ankles.

From mild conditions to catastrophic conditions, there is a range of the extent of problems physically.

Your son or daughter may not need much assistance while walking. There are many victims, however, who may need assistance, with either a walker or a wheelchair.

The body’s spasticity can have a negative effect during many daily tasks, such as taking a shower, going to the bathroom, eating, getting dressed, etc.

Speech can also be quite a challenge, and may even come out slow or slurred.

Individuals with catastrophic spastic cerebral palsy may never live without a caretaker, or by themselves.

What is typically affected regarding spastic cerebral palsy is the lower body.

There are five various kinds of spastic cerebral palsy, however; diplegia, hemiplegia, monoplegia, quadriplegia, and triplegia.

Suffering from Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Granted, individuals with spastic cerebral palsy can receive physical therapy to handle the disease, but there is absolutely no cure.

Although a number of surgeries and medications do exist, there is not a way for the effects of the birth injury to be reversed.

If your son or daughter was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy, then you may be entitled to receive full compensation because of the negligence of your delivery physician.

When a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, he or she will need physical therapy, treatment and care for a lifetime, and much more.

A skilled child injury attorney can assist you in receiving monetary compensation entitled to you and your child.

The cost of a lifetime for treating cerebral palsy can average to about $1 million; the family of the child may suffer financial loss, additionally, because of a requirement which one of the caregivers, in order to remain home, sacrifice his or her employment.

It is crucial to investigate and evaluate various options whether medical negligence contributed to the injury of the child. Thus, you may be able to seek full compensation from parties held liable.

Personal birth injury attorneys can represent successfully families in lawsuits pertaining to spastic cerebral palsy. They have the ability to assist you in seeking financial security, and discovering the answers necessary for you to care for your child.

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