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Erb’s Palsy Malpractices

Treating Erb’s palsy can be costly at times.

The goal, ultimately, is for the arm of the child to move normally by two-years-old, yet it can take a financial toll. Typically, the costs are much more than what the average American family can afford.

However, if there isn’t any money to pay for these expenses, you can run the risk of dealing with creditors and likely bankruptcy. This can cause stress unnecessary for your family life and marriage, namely when expecting a healthy, normal baby.

The best way, at times, for this tension to be relieved is to seek compensation in cases for Erb’s palsy malpractices from parties held liable for birth injuries. You can demand that these costs unforeseen are fulfilled to move on with life to achieve the anticipated family life.

If your child developed, as the result, Erb’s palsy due to negligent healthcare, it is crucial to know your rights, and what may be entitled to you when filing a lawsuit for Erb’s palsy malpractices.

Erb’s Palsy Symptoms

Erb’s palsy symptoms may be seemingly obvious due to a lack of movement from the infant, or if he or she is limited in movement in the arm affected.

The arm, at times, towards the body is turned in. At times, if the affected arm is touched the slightest, this can cause the infant to cry out in excruciating pain. 

Typically, Erb’s palsy is the result of difficult labor, namely from the physician and/or healthcare staff having to tug and pull in abnormal positions at the infant.

There is an escalated risk of the deprivation of oxygen if a baby, in the birth canal, becomes lodged. This can result in damage to the brain.

In several cases, physicians must quickly respond in certain situations.

Various types of tugging can result in Erb’s palsy. Erb’s palsy can occur, if the infant is face first when born, from pulling out by neck and face the baby.

Born feet first, a baby can suffer from Erb’s palsy when the feet and legs of the baby are pulled, which can cause arms to end up over the head, and result on the shoulder joint in unnatural stress.

If the child is too big proportionately for the birth canal, the baby can be squeezed and pushed through the birth canal, which can result in unnecessary stress on the neck, shoulders, and arms.

The shoulder of the baby, at times, can become caught on the pubic bone of the mother. Thusly, Erb’s palsy can occur outside of labor, if the healthcare staff raises the infant from the arms instead of firmly holding the neck and back of the baby.

Improperly using tools, additionally, to assist in delivery can result in Erb’s palsy, such as forceps or a vacuum extraction tool.

If your baby sustained injuries due to techniques administered improperly by a physician or an individual on the healthcare staff, then you may be entitled to file a lawsuit for Erb’s palsy malpractices.

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