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Facial Nerve Palsy

Facial nerve palsy can happen when the nerve in the face to control movements becomes damaged during childbirth.

At times referred to as Bell’s Palsy, the most typical cause of facial nerve palsy is known as trauma. Most cases do in fact cure themselves, but the condition becomes permanent in several children; this can have an effect on one side of the face throughout a child’s life.

During birth, rough treatment of a child or mother, improper use of instruments, or negligent use of medications can contribute or result in facial nerve palsy.

Birth injury medical malpractice attorneys have the expertise and skills to dedicate themselves to hold liable medical practitioners for negligent acts; the lawyers represent injured individuals and their loved ones.

Facial Nerve Palsy Symptoms and Prognosis

In a newborn baby, careful observation can occur when the baby cries enough to display damage to the nerve which controls movements to the face, the seventh cranial nerve.

Most of facial nerve palsy can affect the mouth and surrounding muscles, but more catastrophic cases can have an effect on the entire side of the face of the child, which can make it difficult to open and close eyelids on a child, or move on the side of the face any muscle.

If the face of the child appears uneven when he or she makes facial expressions or cries, it is crucial for the child to be examined by a physician to determine facial nerve palsy presence.

The primary cause of facial nerve palsy is rough treatment of an infant within the delivery period, or shortly afterward.

This can entail shaking a child, improper use of forceps, aggressive movement of the mother while being in labor, or any action too harsh or brutal for a newborn.

In most cases, the prognosis is positive, and the controlling nerve of the muscles affected within several months starts to function.

In the circumstance that the dilemma on its own doesn’t go away, it is unlikely that the child may regain function in the muscles affected, which can later in life result in emotional trauma.

Granted, it may not be the intent of a healthcare professional to endanger the patient. However, when an act of medical malpractice or negligence causes injuries which affect the quality of living by of a patient, compensation is required for the extensive treatment of sustained injuries, as well as endured suffering and pain.

If a child sustained injuries during birth, immediately contact a medical malpractice attorney to discuss the birth injury of your child to an attorney who can assist you to explore legal options, and understand in comprehensive detail your rights.

Consultations are imperative to help you receive financial compensation.

Subsequent to investigating circumstances related to your facial nerve palsy case, attorneys can guide you through necessary steps, and help you through the litigation process for you to grasp what to expect.

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