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Diagnosing Cerebral Palsy

Diagnosing cerebral palsy can be a process that is lengthy and complicated.

As promptly as possible, you want answers if you suspect a child may suffer from cerebral palsy.

Typically, parents, during this process, have a host of questions about what is to be expected, tests subjected to the child, and how to cope with the results.

Parents can always use some counsel to understand diagnosing this condition. A research team has recently reviewed and analyzed the most typical steps in diagnosing cerebral palsy.

A disorder of posture, muscle tone, or movement is cerebral palsy.

Among the causes of cerebral palsy is when there’s little oxygen going to the brain of an infant during delivery or labor.

When there’s a lack of oxygen, it can cause injury to the brain, which can have an effect on the central nervous system.

This kind of injury to the brain is at times a result of medical negligence. The injury is usually preventable with proper and prompt medical care.

Birth injuries due to cerebral palsy, unfortunately, are far from rare. In the United States, annually, there are approximately 8,000 birth injuries due to cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Indications and Symptoms

Indications and symptoms in a child or infant with cerebral palsy fluctuate based on the location and severity of the injury to the brain.

Several children may suffer with shaking or spastic limbs, trouble with hearing and seeing, and trouble controlling movement.

Other typical indications entail challenges with swallowing, eating, drooling, and speaking. Symptoms may be restricted to a single limb or one body side.

Any key delays in milestones in development such as reaching for objects, rolling over, standing, walking, or sitting can be an indicator to warn of cerebral palsy.

If developmental milestones are missing for your child, or you identify indications or symptoms in your child of cerebral palsy, contact a birth injury attorney immediately.

Your child may need plenty of assistance and treatment throughout his or her life if he or she has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Diagnosing cerebral palsy can add up in costs, which can be a financial strain to the family. Lifetime care average costs for a cerebral palsy sufferer can estimate to over $920,000.

Several children with cerebral palsy can be quite independent; other children need critical treatment in all aspects of everyday life.

For every child, costs and needs are different.

Experienced and skillful attorneys can assist you to discover ways to relieve any financial burdens.

You deserve answers. A birth injury attorney is capable of helping families with cases involving cerebral palsy malpractices.

You may be entitled to pursue legal action against parties held liable of negligence if your child was diagnosed with the cerebral palsy condition, and you believe there’s a medical malpractice involved in his or her injuries.

You want an attorney who has helped a number of families protect their future, maintain their dignity, and defend their rights. 

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