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CVS Pharmacy Errors

More than 1 million individuals are seriously injured by prescription drug mistakes, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some of the most common pharmacy mistakes include distributing a drug to the wrong customer. And, giving customers insufficient instructions on how to use the drug safely.

Prescription Drug Errors

Often times a pharmacist or technician will make prescription drugs mistakes due to not being able to be a physician’s handwriting. Some misread the name of a drug and mistake it with another type of prescription drug.

Drug Overdose Mistakes

When a pharmacist confuses the dosage amounts that a doctor prescribes for patient, it can be deadly. Some of the most vulnerable patients include elderly patients and children. As far as children are concerned, an overdose of medication can cause brain damage and even early death. Mainly because their small bodies cannot tolerate powerful toxins that exist in the drugs.

The majority of the most typical CVS pharmacy errors entail mistakes which may include the following:

Catastrophic life-threatening toxicity can happen when a young child is provided the wrong medication. The parent, often times, is not aware that the child is being offered the wrong prescription drug due to the fact they do not possess the training to understand that the medicine does not have the appropriate coloring, size, markings, or shape.

Pertaining to prescription error poisoning, the majority of the medications prescribed by physicians are highly fatal when used improperly. This includes medications for chemotherapy required to maintain the health of patients with cancer. When the medication, however, is given to a child inadvertently, the medication can become a poison to result in continuing health care issues or fatality.

You can contact an attorney specializing in pharmacy error for an evaluation of your legal case against CVS.

If you or a family member have sustained injuries from a CVS pharmacy error, personal injury attorneys can assist you in recovering financial damages to cover your losses, injuries, and other inconveniences.

Esteemed attorneys have ongoing relationships with healthcare experts who can evaluate the pharmaceutical ramifications of errors made to build a solid lawsuit for compensation.

Deleterious harm and fatality caused by an overdose is namely prevalent in young children who weren’t able to handle an overabundance of many toxic or strong prescriptions.

For several patients, receiving a dosage that is too small can be just as severe as receiving a prescription overdose. Lawsuits have been filed against CVS pharmacy for errors pertaining to underdose, which can be the result of catastrophic medical consequences to patients unsuspecting.

This can entail making sure that the prescription is filled at the proper dosage, and dispensed to the appropriate patient.

Pharmacy error attorneys can commit to recognizing the breach of parties held liable to cause critical results if a consumer takes medicines which have not been prescribed for delivery at the proper dosage, which could result in severe harm or even death.

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