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Children Injured Due to Pharmacy Errors

We place trust in medical facilities, healthcare professionals, and pharmacies, as parents, to offer our children the best in medical care.

Antibiotics, new medications, vaccines, and other prescriptions enable us to manage the illnesses of our children, or use as a cure the medication.

When the medicines, however, is dosed incorrectly or prescribed, the results can often be hazardous and catastrophic to the health of a young child.

Even with advancements in designing more optimal prescriptions, protocols that are well-established, and innovative technology, unfortunately, mistakes in drugs can still occur.

With children injured due to pharmacy error, or receiving the wrong dosage, you have every legal right to take action against the medical facility, pharmacy, healthcare workers, or clinic which caused the catastrophe.

A prescription or dispense of the wrong medicine or the wrong dosage with the right medication can result in calamitous results for a young child.

This is due to the body mass of a child, which can make it ill-equipped to act as an efficient protection against the strength of high dosage in strong medications.

The Journal of the American Medical Association conducted a study which indicates that the dispensing and prescribing of drugs with errors happen to children in over one in five medications.

The rate of errors mimics dispensing and filling of drugs mistakes for adults, but the results of children injured due to pharmacy error is still significantly severe.

Precautions When Prescribing Medication for Minors

Before the physician of the child prescribe any medication, he or she must administer any thorough evaluation to understand the healthcare condition of young patients.

This means acquiring a thorough medical history, and an outline that is detailed of any hazardous drug interaction, or reaction that is adverse from taking medicines or mixing various drugs.

When the physician neglects to relate to you any issued warning by the manufacturer of the drug, they can be held liable legally for any illness or injury sustained by a child worsened by taking the medicine.

The physician of your child, in addition, can be held liable legally for a prescription of the wrong drug, or with the wrong dosage, or combining it together with various medicines, namely if the young patient has an allergic reaction that is known.

Every medical provider, physician, and pharmacist in the state is required to follow the healthcare standards of care, which include offering adequate warning of all likely risks in drug intake.

Any neglect to offer standards of care can be referred to as malpractice, and subject the organization or individual to a claim or lawsuit for punitive compensation.

Any child and loved one victimized by negligence of a medical provider or a pharmacist can pursue we can pants for damages, which include suffering and pain, anxiety, lost wages, medical bills, and grief.

The legal issues, however, which surrounds prescription medication cases pertaining to medical malpractice can be complex, and require the necessary skills of a seasoned attorney.

Regarding children injured due to pharmacy error, your loved ones have every legal right to seek financial compensation from the hospital or pharmacy.

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