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Zofran Lawsuits for Spina Bifida

A vastly rare condition which only has an effect every year on approximately 2,000 newborns, spina bifida affects, in perspective, virtually 4 million effective deliveries administered annually in the United States.

Since physicians began making prescriptions to pregnant mothers of Zofran for treating morning sickness, the number of reported congenital defects as seen an increase in children taking this medication. This has resulted in Zofran lawsuits for spina bifida.

Among the various conditions which have recently been associated with using Zofran is spina bifida. It is a parent’s right to seek compensatory damages from the Zofran producer for marketing the medication illegally without initially ascertaining it wouldn’t result in harming unborn babies.

Understanding the Spina Bifida Condition

An unborn baby can develop throughout nine months of pregnancy in stages; the neural tube formation begins within the first gestation month.

The neural tube is what will form ultimately into the spinal cord and brain of the baby; development happens when morning sickness is dominant.

Zofran is renowned to delay or inhibit development of organs and limbs within the pregnancy stage, and the result of spina bifida is forming the layers or spinal cord incompletely; the layers are responsible to safeguard the major nerves linking the brain to spine, and brain.

Zofran lawsuits for spina bifida can result from several spina bifida firms which take place with various catastrophic degrees, such as:

Occulta is the most typical and least critical type of spina bifida. Individuals with occulta do not reveal symptoms in many cases because although there’s no exposure of brain and nerves, a skin layer covers them normally; this can inhibit symptoms, and maintain the association between the nervous system and the brain.

In this type of spina bifida, fluid from the spine can leak from vertebrae openings as a result of neural tube formation that’s incomplete.

The critical nature of meningocele can vary, but may cause partial paralysis and urinary control and bowel loss.

Defects in the fat or bone formation near or within the neural tube can cause this type of spina bifida, which has similar symptoms to meningocele of inability to control urinalysis and bowel functions, and paralysis.

The most rare and critical type of spina bifida is myelomeningocele, which can result in a spine opening which enables key nerves to be revealed. This can result in permanent paralysis.

There is no way to cure spina bifida. While there are available surgical options, they are usually risky and expensive.

In the most critical cases, surgery is necessary virtually immediately subsequent to childbirth; the child may be required to undergo various surgeries within a lifetime to diagnose additional addictions which may ensue due to spina bifida.

Attorneys can review legal options and counsel you on whether you can file Zofran lawsuits for spina bifida, and what can be expected from start to finish in the process as they represent the interests of your family, and work on your behalf.

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