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Zofran Lawsuits for Fetal Birth Defects

A mother may be in the first trimester of her pregnancy. That is when the fetus starts to form, and develops major organs, such as the heart and brain.

It is vastly crucial, for this reason, that pregnant mothers are not in full exposure of substances during this period of time, which may inhibit any development and growth of the baby transported in the womb.

Zofran has been associated with congenital birth defects; this can include brain injury, when administered as medicine to help women sustaining critical types of morning sickness.

However, this failure of the manufacturer to adhere to the required methods necessary to for approval for its use during a mother’s pregnancy has been connected to catastrophic congenital birth defects, such as brain damage and other brain defects.

Zofran lawsuits for fetal birth defects can be pursued when it results in cases of brain injury during pregnancy.

Types of Brain Defects Associated with Zofran

Defects, as a result of using Zofran, can range in severity; many of them have resulted in health conditions which are treatable and minor. Meanwhile, others have caused severe injuries, which had an effect on the quality of living not only for children, but their loved ones.

Associated with the Zofran medication, these are among the most catastrophic birth defects; Zofran has also been associated with other conditions, such as megalencephaly and spina bifida, as well as disorders that are neurological, caused by diminished mental capacity or damage to the brain.

Zofran lawsuits for fetal birth defects can be the result due to parties held liable when sustained injuries are caused by medical negligence and corporate greed. The compensatory and emotional toll of caring for babies born with defects in the brain is overwhelmingly costly.

Contact a personal injury attorney immediately to learn about entitled rights, as well as the litigation process against the manufacturer of Zofran, for its self-serving marketing of the off-label medication merely to go around approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Compensation may be entitled to you to cover childcare costs, along with the suffering and pain you and your loved ones must sustain due to the condition of the baby.

A variety of key epidemiological studies have come to the conclusion that Zofran may be linked to an increase of risk of adverse birth defects. Researchers have discovered spiraling rates of the following: kidney malformations; cleft palate; and congenital defects of the heart.

Among babies birthed by mothers who were prescribed the off label Zofran to treat morning sickness during the first trimester should speak with an attorney concerning Zofran lawsuits for fetal birth defects.

The complexity of this type of legal case should not matter to a birth injury medical malpractice attorney with expertise and skills to assist you and your family.

Financial compensation may be owed to you to recover damages. Thus, it is crucial to have an evaluation by your attorney.

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