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Zofran Heart Defect Lawsuits

The Zofran medication has been proven to result in malformations and deformities in children unborn; the most prevalent of associated deformities to the medicines are in relation to the heart formation.

Many of these cases result in Zofran heart defect lawsuits.

The cause of these conditions can affect children who aren’t able to live the quality of life relished by peers, and can be catastrophic enough to shorten or threaten their lives.

The most typical defects in the heart which have been associated with Zofran entail the following:

Atrial septal defects occur when there’s a hole in the valves situated in the heart, the upper part, and results in the heart to operate much harder due to it operating against itself.

One side of the heart consists of oxygen rich blood intended to flow throughout the rest of your body, while the opposite side consists of blood which becomes depleted of the oxygen, and must flow to the lungs to replenish. 

The upper part holes of the heart linked to the atrial septal defects result in the flow of blood between both chambers in the body.

The heart and lungs both are forced to operate harder to compensate and persist in blood circulation to the appropriate places.

There is a difference between atrial and ventricular septal defects; that difference is the in the heart with the location of the hole.

Ventricular septal defects are typically in the heart within the lower part that has the responsibility to regulate the blood flow throughout the body.

The inefficiency in the blood circulation of the heart reduces levels of blood oxygen, and can place a strain on the circulatory system, the organs, and the heart dependent on the consistent oxygen flow.

Atrioventricular septal defects are often caused by a hole between upper and lower heart valves. A heartbeat ends up being irregular, breathing becomes a challenge, and there’s eventual failure in the heart.

Atrioventricular septal defects correlate the most deleterious symptoms of ventricular and atrial defects due to both the upper heart, and the lower heart becoming affected.

The aortic valve becomes opened and closed each time there’s a heart beat; in individuals sustaining this condition, as it should, the valve fails to function.

The failure of the opening and closing of the valve when necessary can result in blood pressure to elevate, bleeding internally within the heart, and major blood vessel damage.

Congenital Heart Defect Treatment

Several options for treatment are available for congenital heart defects. The most appropriate plan suitable for each patient depends on the defect, and the response of the child to other types of treatment involved.

Negligent medical actions can normally result in Zofran heart defect lawsuits. If you have any legal questions, immediately contact a personal injury attorney.

The treatment can be achieved via a catheter procedure with an insertion of a tube through the groin vein to achieve delivery of a device into the valve affected to seal it; this may stipulate open heart surgery for the doctor to stitch the hole closed physically.

In a scenario that’s the very worst, a child may have to undergo a heart transplant if there’s no other effective or viable option. Failure to do so can result in Zofran heart defect lawsuits.

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