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Status of Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Scientists claim that more than 22,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in this current year, and 14,000 will die, from the disease, in the US. There are various reasons why people develop this disease. However, there have been a large percentage of women who have been affected by talcum-based products, such as Baby Powder, Shower to Shower, etc.

Some studies have been conducted over the past few years. The results have proven that some women who develop ovarian cancer have used talcum products. Then there are experts that disagree. You will find that the majority that disagree have been hired by big pharmaceutical companies.

It is no secret that women use talcum powder for a variety of reasons. Some women will sprinkle baby powder, and other talcum-based products on their sanitary napkins monthly. Then there are some that use it on their undergarments regularly. The sole purpose of this routine is to help enhance personal hygiene and eliminate foul odors and to stay fresh.

Then there are women who dust powder along their inner thighs to help prevent chafing while walking, jogging or playing sports. Regardless of what it’s used for, some women who use these personal talcum hygiene products, may be at risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Proven Studies That Talcum Powder is Linked to Ovarian Cancer

The link between ovarian cancer and talcum powder isn't a new debate and it certainly will not be the final debate. Until pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers either remove the contaminated ingredients from their products or place clear warning labels on their products and advertisements, we will continue to fight this lingering health epidemic.

Ovarian Cancer and Talcum Powder Debate

Back in the early 1970s, scientists discovered talcum particles in womens ovarian tumors. Then again In 1982, a study was taken by Daniel Cramer, a Harvard University researcher reported a clear connection between ovarian cancer and talcum powder.

Additional studies were taken afterward that found a significant rise in ovarian cancer in people who used talcum powder on a regular basis. The Harvard researcher is one of the first to try to persuade companies like Johnson & Johnson to place warning labels on all of their talcum products. He has also became an expert witness for people in talcum powder lawsuits.

Talcum Powder Lawsuits

There have been a handful of talcum powder lawsuits that have gone to trial. The majority of these lawsuits were won, but some did not. For example, there was a recent trial that took place in the favor of the company. A jury in St. Louis, Missouri rejected one Tennessee woman’s case that Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder was the root cause of her ovarian cancer. However, a Virginia woman was awarded $110 million to a talcum powder lawsuit.

Another lawsuit in Missouri was awarded $55 million by juries. Then one woman was awarded $72 million, but died before the verdict was given. Then in New Jersey, a judge rejected two talcum powder lawsuits that fought against Johnson & Johnson.

If you or a loved one have developed ovarian cancer due to using talcum products, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Anzalone Law Firm PLLC, at: 603.548.3797 for a free, no-obligation legal consultation.

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