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Link Between Ovarian Cancer and Talcum Powder

When a company fails to warn its customers about the potential risk of a product they sell (on labeling and advertising), they should be held responsible. That is exactly what one Los Angeles jury strongly believes. One jury has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay a woman $417 million for failure to warn about the harmful ingredients within their talcum baby powder. The cancer victim is not the only one who has filed a lawsuit. Thousands of women have followed suit.

Unfortunately, some people in the medical field do not believe that talcum powder is in connection with cancer - even with piles of evidence. There has been over 20 medical studies that actually have proven talcum powder maybe the cause of ovarian cancer.

Multiple studies were taken by medical experts and they found that when women use talcum powder around their genital area it can be hazardous to their health. For many years, women of all ages, have used talcum based feminine products and even baby powder for sanitary reason (to stay fresh and dry). Especially, baby powder for its fresh, airy, and sweet fragrant.

How Talcum Powder Causes Cancer

Women have sprinkled talcum powder on various feminine products, such as sanitary pads, and other types of feminine products. The powder helps absorb excess moisture from the body and keeps the skin dry to prevent sweat and odor. Unfortunately, talcum contains harmful ingredients. When the powders are applied to pads, it transfers through a woman’s vagina all the way to the fallopian tubes - up to the ovary, according to the American Cancer Society.

If you have used talcum based products from any maker of feminine or baby products, you may be entitled to monetary compensation if you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Contact us today for a free consultation of your case.

Does Talc Powder Cause Cancer?

For more than 30 years, medical experts have known that baby powder and talcum powder of developing ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest manufacturers of health-related products were aware that asbestos ingredients were in their products -- several years ago. But, they refused to warn consumers. Instead, they stand behind their products and claim they are not only healthy, but safe to use. However, they have been sued for millions of dollars.

It is devastating to discover that you or a loved one may have been exposed to hazardous ingredients. It's heart wrenching to think that sick loved ones or loved ones who have passed, could have prevented ovarian cancer, if giant pharmaceutical companies will place warning labels on their talcum products. Instead, they stand behind the safety of their products and pump millions of dollars in their ad campaigns to push their defective products.

The good news is that your suffering or your loved one’s suffering does not have to be in vain. You can sue for your pain and suffering. This will spread awareness and possibly save a life.

What’s Next?

If you are planning to sue for compensation, you will need an aggressive Nashua attorney who understands the link between ovarian cancer and talcum powder. To discuss your claim, contact us for a free consultation or call Anzalone Law Firm PLLC, at: 603.548.3797.

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