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Zofran Lawsuits for Fetal Death

Linked to using Zofran within the pregnancy stage, the congenital birth defects can have an effect on the function of key organs such as the brain, heart, or kidneys. While several of the defects can receive treatment, others are too critical and can cause a child’s death.

Personal injury attorneys for Zofran lawsuits for fetal death investigate the cases, and pursue lawsuits for wrongful death against the Zofran manufacturer.

The parent company, GlaxoSmithKline, is under fire for the promotion of various medicines without the authorization required from the U.S. Food and Drug Association, and for misrepresenting willfully the risks and adverse effects of similar medications.

Among the medicines that the parent company pushed illegally on patients, Zofran was touted by the company as being approved already for treating nausea without disclosing there was no research administered to deem whether Zofran would have deleterious effects on a child prior to birth.

Infant and Child Death Causes Due to Zofran

Research statistics established recently a solid link between the Zofran medication, and congenital defects at childbirth, in which limbs or organs do not properly develop within the pregnancy stage.

When key organs are affected, this can result in catastrophic and life-threatening conditions often.

Conditions sustained by infants born to Zofran using mothers which may cause death entail the following:

In most cases regarding congenital defects related to Zofran, in some manner, the heart is affected.

The conditions in effect can cause holes between heart valves. The symptoms and critical nature of the various conditions depend on size and location of these holes.

Surgical intervention and medication, in catastrophic cases, can fail to salvage the life of a child, and heart transplant becomes the sole option.

Children who normally survive infancy can sustain a heart condition which requires medication and constant monitoring, and can result in subsequent heart failure.

The use of Zofran has been linked to missing or deformed kidneys in many Zofran lawsuits for fetal death.

In catastrophic cases, the child can endure renal failure, and dies due to the shutdown of key organs causes by toxic material buildup in the body, which would usually excrete from the kidneys through urine.

Severe brain damage or congenital defects to the brain can present a set of risks and complications unique during the development throughout a child’s life. Several of the conditions may vastly diminish the lifespan of a child, or cause a secondary condition that is fatal.

Children become miscarried or stillborn as a result of development from Zofran effects in the wound.

The missing organs or malformation of organs may result in the death of a child prior to or shortly subsequent to childbirth.

Regardless of how complex the case of law, attorneys specializing in Zofran lawsuits for fetal death can assist you and members of your family.

You may be entitled to recover damages via funds awarded to you. It’s advises to get an evaluation from a birth injury attorney.

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