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Testosterone Supplement Stroke & Heart Attack Lawsuit

For men suffering from levels of low testosterone, testosterone drugs may seem to be an option with a high appeal. However, recent statistics indicate that testosterone supplement stroke & heart attack lawsuit is the end result due to men being harmed across the nation.

Recent statistics indicate that the testosterone supplements can actually increase any risk in men of testosterone strokes.

From testosterone supplements and treatments for testosterone therapy, men may risk sustaining heart attacks that are fatal.

A testosterone supplement stroke & heart attack lawsuit can be filed to recover damages. In fact, many testosterone drug lawsuits have already been filed throughout the nation.

The FDA, or U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is presently investigating claims from different patients who sustained injuries due to taking prescription medications for a boost in levels of testosterone.

Adverse Effects in Testosterone Therapy

The U.S. National Library of Medicine published a recent study which opined that the discoveries of testosterone therapy indicated a major increase in the risk in men of heart attacks utilizing the therapy.

The medical study was administered by a variety of medical experts from the U.S. National Cancer Institute, as well as other universities and research group in the United States.

The medical researchers studied the effect which testosterone supplements had on males less than 65 years of age.

Males under the age of 65, after undergoing testosterone therapy for 90 days, endured a high increase in risking sustaining heart disease.

Medical researchers reached their conclusions via a study of medical records of nearly 57,000 men who were utilizing testosterone therapy to see improvement in levels of testosterone.

Nearly 49,000 men were less than 65 years of age in the group. Men who had received testosterone therapy after 90 days endured heart disease risk which almost doubled.

Thus, males who presently take testosterone supplements may be critically at risk of sustaining complications due to testosterone drugs.

Men who have sustained deleterious injuries already due to testosterone medications can seek legal advice from testosterone supplement attorneys regarding the likelihood of joining similarly filed lawsuits against various producers of testosterone supplements.

In its investigation of the effects of testosterone therapy and other testosterone supplements, the FDA is presently involved.

Concerning drugs to boost testosterones, the FDA, most recently, released a safety announcement.

Publicly, the FDA has confirmed that currently it is in the process of monitoring safety issues and risks associated with testosterone medications.

It is not conclusive, according to the FDA, that treatments for testosterone therapy can increase any risk of stroke, heart attack, or death.

However, it does seem to arouse the concern of the public that the FDA officially decided to pursue a thorough investigation of testosterone drugs.

The FDA, as well, has advised medical providers to assess carefully the likely risks of treatments for testosterone with any benefits which are offered purportedly.

Males who presently take testosterone supplements should consider consulting a physician, and seek legal advice from an attorney in relation to a testosterone supplement stroke & heart attack lawsuit.

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