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Yaz / Yasmin Birth Control Lawsuits

In the United States alone, there has been thousands of Yaz, Yasmin birth control lawsuits filed by patients who have claimed they have experienced painful injuries. If you have also suffered injuries after taking this particular birth control medication, you may be eligible for a settlement for your pain and suffering. Compensation may also be collected to cover the cost of medical expenses and loss of income.

What is Yaz?

Yaz, also referred to as Yasmin and Ocella, are popular prescription birth control contraceptives for women. The makers of this oral contraceptive is Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals. The overall purpose of taking these birth control pills are to help a woman prevent getting pregnant.

Side Effects Associate with Yasmin (Ocella)

Women who use Yaz, Yasmin or Ocella, have a 3 time greater risk of developing blood clots comparing to women who take other types birth control pills orally, according to research studies. The dangerous side effects include pulmonary embolisms, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and blood clots that can lead to strokes.

What are Some Warning Signs of Yasmin (Ocella)

If you are currently taking Yaz birth control medication, and you are experiencing the following symptoms below, contact your gynecologist, family doctor immediately or visit the ER, the FDA has suggested. Some patients have experienced dangerous side effects within the first 12 Months of use.

Dangerous Warning Signs

Here are a few signs to look out for when experiencing a blood clot:

  • shortness of breath
  • sudden blindness
  • slurred speech or trouble speaking
  • severe headaches
  • severe pain in the chest
  • persistent pain in the leg
  • numbness (or weakness) in a leg or arm
  • yellowing of the eyes or skin

If you are experiencing any unusual side effects, make sure you notify your doctor immediately. In addition to the above, Bayer warns consumers about the high risk of a heart attack, stroke and blood clot. It is vital that users of this birth control seek immediate medical attention because the blood clots can lead to a permanent disability and even death.

Major Increase in Risk of Blood Clots

It has been reported that there has been a “three-fold increase” in the risk of blood clots for products, like Yaz that contain drospirenone, according to the FDA.

Bayer has agreed to pay, patients who have suffered injuries from using Yaz, $110 million to settle the first 500 lawsuits, according to Bloomberg News. Additionally, the pharmaceutical company has set aside “hundreds of millions of dollars” to cover any Yaz lawsuits in the future.

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