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Uses of Talcum Powder Products

Soft mineral, talc has an incredible way to absorb moisture, and operate as an anti-caking agent or softener.

It is also closely associated with asbestos, and has been connected to risks of cancer similar dating back to research conducted in the 1980s.

Despite various warnings from research and healthcare organizations of esteem, Johnson & Johnson decided to market items containing talcum powder geared towards women for a number of cosmetic and hygienic uses of talcum powder products.

Hazards of Talc Use and Products

A minded soft mineral, talc can be grounded into baby powder. However, in numerous industries, it has applications that include ceramics, the manufacturer of plastics, used in the paper filler, food industry, and much more.

It is used as well as a lubricant that is solid to diminish friction when added to oils and other lubricants.

A number of products that we use everyday contain some type of talc, even in some of the foods that we consume.

Documented links are available which reveal the development and use of cancer; we’ve seen this now for decades. However, while several companies have switched to alternatives such as silk powders and cornstarch, others still strive to conceal various risks from consumers.

The uses of talcum powder products may be in certain products, such as:

Due to the fact that talc in eyeliners and mascara is a lucrative agent for anti-caking, it can be useful to maintain a smooth appearance and prevent clumping. It is not clear, however, whether talc can pose a risk when utilized over the eyes.

Primarily the result of the feeding of bacteria on our sweat, odor in deodorants is why moisture control is a crucial feature of these products.

Several products of deodorants use talc mainly to keep the underarms dry; to aid in comfort, talc can also be useful.

For a number of decades, the market has been inundated with talcum powder geared to mothers for them to keep newborn babies dry via baby powders, to treat or prevent diaper rash.

Similarly, baby powder can be used by adults for skin to be smooth and dry.

Physicians have advised mothers against uses of talcum powder products due to particles being easily inhaled by young children, which can cause respiratory issues.

Shower to Shower by Johnson & Johnson is a hygienic product line specifically on the market for feminine hygiene for odor and moisture control in the genital area.

Slogans of marketing seem lighthearted by insisting one can sweat in more places than merely underarms; the slogans actively suggest that these products are useful in the genital area.

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