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Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits

Normally in the form of powder, talc is a mineral discovered in personal care products, such as in Baby Powder from Johnson & Johnson, and Shower to Shower powders.

The evidence continues to increase regarding talcum powder, and the risk of ovarian cancer increase in women, for feminine hygiene, who use the product.

In a settled landmark case, recently, investigators found out that company documents revealed that Johnson & Johnson was made aware of talcum powder risks since 1982, and opted not to change its formula, inform the healthcare community, or even warn its consumers.

Resulting in talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuits, each year, there is an estimate of approximately 10,000 women across the nation who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer associated with talcum powder.

The American Cancer Society considers talcum powder for ovarian cancer to be a risk factor, while debate continues regarding the safety of non-asbestos talc.

Baby powder based in cornstarch products are considered to be safer alternatives than powders based in talc.

Ovarian Cancer Subsequent to Talcum Powder Usage

Talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuits can be awarded by a jury over $400 million.

In fact, a west coast jury awarded over $400 million in a verdict in favor of a client who claimed that Baby Powder from Johnson & Johnson resulted in her developing ovarian cancer.

The woman used the powder for decades for feminine hygiene. The verdict included over $300 million in punitive damages. Naturally, Johnson & Johnson intends appeal.

Prior to that case, a jury awarded over $70 million to the loved ones of a woman who died due to ovarian cancer, which was believed to have been the result of using Baby Powder from Johnson & Johnson for decades for feminine hygiene.

Physicians made a discovery of residue of talc in the cancerous tissue, and investigators discovered that Johnson & Johnson was aware of several risks, but neglected to issue a warning on the product. This settlement entailed $10 million for the loss for the family, and in punitive damages, an additional $60 million plus.

Several years ago, the first of talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuits against the pharmaceutical conglomerate was won in a federal court. After using for over 20 years Baby Powder from Johnson & Johnson, a woman developed cancer.

This woman, like so many others, was not aware of the associated risks involved with this type of household product.

Involving women who have received diagnosis for ovarian cancer after persistent use of talcum powder products, attorneys are reviewing these cases. Currently, Johnson & Johnson faces a number of lawsuits alleging that the pharmaceutical conglomerate was aware of cancer risk linked with their products based in talcum, but failed to warn consumers.

Personal injury attorneys have decades of experience in handling these high-profile cases of product liability against corporate conglomerates.

After using Baby Powder or other products of talcum powders, you or a loved one may have developed ovarian cancer. Immediately contact an attorney to find out more about available legal options.

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