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Accutane Bowel Disease Lawsuits

When over-the-counter acne medication fails to clear up the skin of an acne sufferer, the fastest way to clear up your skin is to change your diet and to call a good dermatologist.

The last thing a person expects is to gain clear skin, from a prescription drug, and a host of dangerous side effects like accutane bowel disease. Bowel disease is not the only side effect.

There have been lawsuits filed against the manufacturers (Roche) of this drug. Side effects range from Crohn’s disease (bowel disease) to depression and suicide to birth defects. Unfortunately, many of these lawsuits were appealed in court.

If you are suffering from injuries due to Accutane, you will definitely need an aggressive Accutane lawyer to fight against your right to monetary compensation.

What Is Accutane?

Accutane (Isotretinoin) is a very powerful medication that is used to treat acne. Accutane is known as a generic form of Isotretinoin. The problem with this medication is that it comes with a few serious side effects, such as the following:

Birth Defects

Birth defects have become a great concern for women in their childbearing years. During a 24 year period, from 1982 to 2006, over 2,000, Isotretinoin users became pregnant. However, several of these pregnancies resulted in miscarriages. In 2002, the FDA began to receive multiple complaints about this drug.

Liver Damage

Irreversible liver damage is a major side effect of Accutane. This form of liver damage is so severe that it can actually lead to cirrhosis. When a person develops cirrhosis, he/she requires a liver transplant. Patients who have experienced liver disease, in the past, should avoid taking this medication at all costs. The symptoms of liver damage: Fatigue, Abdomen Fluid Buildup, Liver Swelling, Upper Abdominal Discomfort and Jaundice (yellow color in the skin).

Here are a couple of common side effects:

Crohn’s Disease (Bowel Disease)

Roche received multiple complaints about people developing Crohn’s disease. Here are a few common symptoms of this disease: Abdominal pain, Fatigue, Weight loss, Fever (low-grade) and Prolonged diarrhea.

Additionally, patients with Crohn’s disease may also develop bowel obstruction, which includes the following symptoms: Cramps, Loud Stomach Rumbling Sounds and Bloating after eating.

Ulcerative Colitis (UC)

Ulcerative Colitis is disease that begins in the rectum and spreads to the colon. This disease ay cause varying symptoms, such as the following: fever, diarrhea, rectal pain, pus and blood in stools, weight loss and abdominal pain. Unfortunately, patients who suffer from severe forms of this disease may be hospitalized. People who experience acute attracts of this disease may experience thickening of the rectum from scar tissue and the intestinal wall.

Patients who experience complications may develop mouth sores, ulcers, severe bleeding, liver disease, colon tears, colorectal cancer and blood clots. The removal of the colon is the only known cure of this disease.


Many people who have taken Accutane have suffered symptoms of depression. Symptoms range from anxiety to hallucinations, including crying spells, extreme sadness, insomnia - just to name a few.

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