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NuvaRing Lawsuits

There have been adverse effects, and sustained injuries which resulted in strokes, blood clots, and even death from the NuvaRing contraceptive, for women who used this fatal product.

The dosage of the NuvaRing, due to the absorption, may have been higher, although the product involved many similar hormones used in other contraceptive drugs.

Currently, the product manufacturers are being sued in NuvaRing lawsuits, by patients and their loved ones, for neglecting to explain the risks of NuvaRing, which has resulted in a number of severe injuries and fatalities.

In 2002, the product, by Merck & Co., Inc. was released for sale, marketed and manufactured.

This is a pliable plastic ring contraceptive which is inserted into the body’s vagina, which emits estrogen, female hormones, and progestin.

To prevent the ovaries from the production of mature eggs, these hormones collaborate, in a similar way a number of oral contraceptives operate.

For three weeks within a month, the plastic ring is inserted, then for one week, removed. The benefit of this ring is there is no risk to forget to take a daily pill, which, to prevent getting pregnant, can make it more effective.

NuvaRing Can be Problematic

Using similar hormones as a number of oral contraceptives, NuvaRing had the same warning for those who smoke; the delivery system of this product is different, which may have boosted the hormonal dosage.

The NuvaRing, unlike oral drugs, delivered to the bloodstream these hormones directly, that may cause higher doses than various oral contraceptives.

These doses may be associated with from contraceptives the higher risk of adverse effects:

The NuvaRing hormones, as with other contraceptives that are similar, can result in changes in blood clotting in bodies, to create blood clots which can result in blindness, and blood clotting to lungs.

Forming to the brain for a stroke, or a heart attack, there is an increase in risk of blockages when receiving hormones via 

Higher reproductive organ cancer and breast instances have been discovered in women who use NuvaRing, and similar contraceptives.

Contraceptives which use dual hormones, like NuvaRing, for high blood pressure have an increase in risk, high cholesterol, and other heart disease contributors.

More than 1.5 million women across the globe, in estimation, use the NuvaRing; typically, they are at higher risk of sustained injury.

Attributed to this product, there have been approximately two deaths, in addition to other injuries and illnesses.

Regarding NuvaRing lawsuits, an MDL, or a multidistrict litigation has been initiated to oversee various lawsuits from patients who may have been harmed by NuvaRing, with patients and their loved ones claiming many risks were not explained properly, and that this drug was aggressively marketed to be deemed safe as oral pills for birth control.

Many experienced and respected medical malpractice attorneys understand these devices with defects impact the woman and members of her family.

You may have suspected you suffer a complication associated with NuvaRing.

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