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Defective Medical Device & Recalls

Big business, medical devices can easily estimate to nearly $70 billion in revenue.

Insulin pumps, pacemakers, heart valve pumps, vaginal meshes, artificial shoulders and knees, and breast implants are devices that are common to improve vastly our lives.

Although we’ve seen a healthcare revolutionized via medical devices, defective medical device & recalls can result in catastrophic consequences.

If a manufacturer of medical devices markets and sells a medical device with defects, the company can harm a patient who it is supposed to aid.

Instead of a recall of a faulty device, furthermore, several manufacturers will attempt to conceal the problem and refute anything is faulty with the device.

More individuals will suffer inevitably when the device remains on shelves in hospitals and on shelves of medical supply stores.

It becomes the responsibility of the US Food & Drug Administration to issue a recall of the product to remove from the marketplace that device.

This step, sadly, is usually the last resort, which occurs after thousands of consumers sustain injuries from a medical product.

Common Defective Medical Devices

When a product is not tested properly or the research studies are not conclusive prior to the design, a device can easily become defective.

It is the responsibility of the US Food & Drug Administration to safeguard the public from any health risks, which may result in a defective implant or medical device.

New products are tested for years during clinical and laboratory testing prior to being approved for vast use.

These tests, however, are not infallible. In fact, despite the rigorous process of approval of the US Food & Drug Administration, catastrophic medical products are initiated into the market.

It is only after a great number of consumers sustain injuries, unfortunately, and file lawsuits for defective medical device & recalls that a mass recall goes into effect.

Hundreds of devices are in the marketplace which have been determined defective over the years.

From birth control patches and breast implants to heart stents and artificial hips, these medical devices can become defective, such as:

  • Pacemakers which failed to keep a proper heart rhythm or that stopped;
  • Such as insulin pump or pain pump, any device malfunctioning;
  • Implants for heart valve which break or leak, to result in death or repeated surgeries;
  • Infections as a result of non-sterilized or improperly manufactured devices; sterilized improperly gynecological devices which can result in infertility, miscarriages, or infection;
  • Devices or breast implants which can result in immune system damage; and,
  • Defects in knee replacement or hip implant parts.

If you sustained injuries by defects in a medical device, you and your loved ones deserve compensation for emotional anguish and medical expenses.

Filing a claim, however, for defective medical device & recalls is crucial for holding a company liable for negligent actions.

If your loved one dies due to a defective device, payment is imperative to cover expenses for burial, as well as secure for your family a financial future.

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