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Caldera Surgical Mesh Complication

The transvaginal mesh is manufactured to treat pelvic organ prolapse. The Caldera Desara mesh was designated to handle stress urinary incontinence specifically; this is a typical condition in overweight women, pregnant women, or those who had given birth recently.

What makes it similar to other transvaginal mesh products is that the health concerns are similar.

It has been reported that the use of the Desara mesh results in tissue damage associated with erosion of the mesh, urinary tract infections, urinating difficulties, and perforation of the urethra.

In an increasing mass tort that involves multiple manufacturers of transvaginal mesh products, Caldera is a defendant; that is due to its neglect to inform patients regarding risks linked to the mesh, as well as its neglect to improve upon the product to prevent the injury of patients.

Neglect to Inform Patients of Caldera Risk

With Caldera surgical mesh complication, among the most harmful claims against the company, as well as other companies that manufacture transvaginal mesh, is that the companies had complete knowledge of the risks involved in sustaining injuries due to the products.

Females who underwent certain procedures to remedy stress urinary incontinence were guaranteed that the Desara mesh would result in means more effective to solve their concerns.

It was discovered at a later time that the claims were false, and the mesh has resulted in catastrophic and life-threatening conditions at times.

In the circumstance that a patient sustains tissue damage or perforated urethra due to erosion of the mesh, there is a likelihood for a woman to develop infections, or suffer septic shock when there is bacteria in the bloodstream.

To remedy the damage due to hazardous mesh products, patients need to undergo additional surgeries, not only to remove the mesh, but to repair perforations to the urethra, or damage to tissue.

It is common for women to require surgeries multiple times, which can take a toll not only on the health of the woman, but her finances.

Additional suffering and pain can result from these procedures, and women must go through shame and embarrassment which they were hoping to evade by opting to have the primary procedure administered initially.

Currently, Caldera is facing litigation due to its transvaginal mesh, and it has come to be expected that women in the thousands have yet to go forward with filing lawsuits for Caldera surgical mesh complication.

Personal injury attorneys specializing in product recall understand the burden endured by women who have sustained injuries due to these products; it is the goal of many skillful and experienced attorneys to safeguard your interests, to assist you in recovering both financially and physically from what you have suffered because of the negligence of these corporations.

Regarding Caldera surgical mesh complication, attorneys work diligently in handling claims for personal injury, with esteemed experts and physicians who can make prudent assessments of the various aspects to support your pursuit due to consumer product harm of compensation.

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