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C. R. Bard Avaulta Mesh Complications

The negligence of C.R. Bard to discuss possible risks and likely complications, which would be caused by the use of the transvaginal mesh product with consumers has resulted in the pharmaceutical manufacturer being embroiled in litigation.

Transvaginal mesh is supposed to correct pelvic organ prolapse, a condition which normally occurs subsequent to women giving birth, and results in the organs and muscles to be pushed out in the pelvic area out of place.

This condition, in the past, has been treated with surgery that is considered traditional. Transvaginal mesh products have been provided as an alternative which is seemingly less invasive.

These products, unfortunately, have resulted in critical medical issues; C. R. Bard is among the pharmaceutical companies held liable for products which have been considered unfit for healthcare use.

Conditions as a Result of Avaulta Mesh

Posterior Biosynthetic Support System and the Bard Avaulta Anterior is typically referred to merely as the Bard Avaulta mesh, and was designated to operate as a sling, to hold the organs and tissues, which have made a shift back in place.

Transvaginal mesh has been linked to a number of complications, however, which include infections, internal bleeding, harm to tissue, muscles, and organs, and a perforated urethra, bowel, or bladder.

C. R. Bard Avaulta mesh complications have the likelihood to be life-threatening, or contribute to conditions that are life-threatening.

To remedy complications, additional surgery may be required.

The selling point of transvaginal mesh products is usually to diminish the invasive nature of traditional surgeries, the complication results in stipulating one or more surgeries.

With a likelihood of causing sepsis, perforation of the urethra, bowel, or bladder is a critical condition if left untreated.

Treatment for the various issues can be costly, and recovery can normally be excruciating.

Many women are left enduring shame, in addition to the suffering and pain, due to the injury afflicting the most private body area.

C. R. Bard Avaulta mesh complications can result in deformities and permanent physical damage.

Women may also endure psychological and self-esteem issues, in addition to physical pain from the corrective surgeries and side-effects from the surgical mesh, due to various complications.

Patients who have endured dilemmas with the Bard Avaulta vaginal sling may recover full compensation while being represented by an attorney in a transvaginal mesh lawsuit.

Several lawsuits for transvaginal mesh have been filed already, to allege that the surgical device can result in catastrophic complications, including through the wall of the vagina mesh erosion.

Contact an attorney immediately if you or a family member has experienced problems with the Avaulta vaginal mesh.

Class action attorneys investigate claims for individuals who sustained C. R. Bard Avaulta mesh complications subsequent to surgery with other kinds of meshes, which include Tyco IVS, the Caldera mash, and Coloplast mesh. Thus, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask legal questions concerning a vaginal mesh lawsuit.

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