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DePuy Hip Recall Lawsuits

The US Food & Drug Administration ordered a recall, in 2010, of the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System and Hip Resurfacing System, after discoveries were made that a major number of devices were defective indeed, and stipulated a second corrective surgery to extract the DePuy product and place a new device.

DePuy hip recall lawsuits result in defects in design and materials used in DePuy metal hips frequently.

Johnson & Johnson, a subsidiary of DePuy, aside from the design of the hip, have been criticized for the kind of materials used to manufacture the device. In several patients, the design of metal-on-metal of the implant of the hip has created circumstances where metal bits break off, and becomes entangled in surrounding tissue to cause pain while walking with metal-on-metal in some patients; when getting out of a vehicle or sitting while in pain; pain in the groin, hip, or thigh; and joint inflammation.

The continuous pain has stipulated hip revision surgeries for people in the thousands which are painful, and necessitate long-term rehabilitation treatment.

Complications Associated with DePuy Hip Devices Metal Poisoning

The defects of DePuy hips in other patients have caused metal poisoning, where the DePuy body of a patient has absorbed cobalt and chromium metals used in manufacturing. The patients, in these circumstances, will potentially require extensive medical care and monitoring throughout the rest of their lives.

Personal injury attorneys have been involved in the litigation for DePuy hip recall from the beginning. The attorneys have gathered a team of healthcare experts to evaluate cases of clients, and help make an assessment of what kind of medical care they’ll require subsequently.

Regarding DePuy hip recall lawsuits, attorneys would be thrilled to counsel you and assist you in evaluating various legal options. If you sustained injuries from a DePuy hip replacement device or other kind of replacement of metal hip, and endured complications, experienced attorneys can handle cases for metal hip defects.

Attorneys commit to evaluate independently each case, and never take for granted the needs of each client. You want legal representation with an approach that is personalized for a metal hip case to discuss your legal rights.

In a number of cases in the United States, while certain sustained medical facility injuries can not be prevented, the device manufacturer, the attending physician, or healthcare provider may be held liable in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Many skilled and prominent attorneys have decades of experience when handling a lawsuit for sustained injuries. These diligent and tireless advocates can assist you to the very best of their legal expertise.

If a DePuy hip replacement system has had a recall, contact a medical liability lawyer to file DePuy hip recall lawsuits and discuss your options prior to undergoing corrective surgery.

Consult your physician, even if you don’t have symptoms, to review your medical status and discuss any likely subsequent illness, or symptoms you may endure.

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