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TigerPaw Surgical Staple Lawsuits

TigerPaw II is a surgical staple utilized to close tissue of the heart in the left atrial appendage. Affected models by the recall were distributed within a two year period. Maquet Inc. forwarded a letter of an Urgent Medical Device Recall to all customers affected.

To examine inventory for any devices recalled, customers have been instructed, as well as to cease use immediately, and place the devices in a location that’s secure.

Regarding TigerPaw surgical staple lawsuits, an attorney can make a determination of whether you are eligible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the TigerPaw surgical staple. This is why, currently, attorneys offer case evaluations.

In the case of TigerPaw staples, attorneys believe that patients may be able to pursue legal action due to claims that Maquet neglected to warn patients and physicians adequately about the risk of damage to the heart.

Filing a Surgical Staple Lawsuit

Through a file of the lawsuit against the maker of the TigerPaw System II, you may be entitled to collect full compensation for all medical expenses, current and subsequent, related to the treatment of sustained injuries, as well as for suffering and pain damages.

In addition, filing a lawsuit can help hold liable the manufacturer of these devices for releasing a defective medical instrument into the marketplace, and to deter other companies from getting involved similar actions.

Regarding TigerPaw Surgical staple lawsuits, personal injury litigation attorneys are renowned for having your best interest in representation in recall lawsuits. Attorneys handle individual lawsuits across the nation in new injury and wrongful death cases.

If you or a member of your family opted to undergo a surgical treatment for atrial fib relation, and sustained injuries during this procedure, then you may be entitled to full compensation due to product liability for medical negligence.

Personal injury attorneys are actively involved with likely claims involving TigerPaw surgical staple lawsuits. If you or any member of your family sustained complications such as: heart failure, internal bleeding, uncontrolled bleeding, blood clots, death or a stroke subsequent to a heart surgery, notify an attorney to investigate the matter on your behalf.

To learn more about cases that are current, being formed, and how the litigation process may have an effect on your claim, contact a personal injury attorney for the latest information, as well as to investigate your own situation to deem whether it is in your best interest to file your own claim.

The best attorneys have represented a number of clients in medical product liability, and medical negligence claims; the success of these attorneys is based on their access to the best and most experienced experts in their fields to help build your case, establish the value, and effectively presenting it to a jury.

Each client and his or her loved ones deserve to be treated with respect and dignity whether that individual is a patient in the hospital, a consumer in the marketplace, or a patron in the general public.

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