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Zimmer Persona Knee Replacement Lawsuit

The US Food & Drug Administration, or FDA, a few years ago, recalled Zimmer Persona Trabecular metal knee implants with tibial plate due to, within the knee, the device becoming loose.

Since then, over 11,000 patients across the globe, in total surgeries for knee placement, received this component.

You may be in need of surgery to replace or repair your implant, if you suffer pain or adverse side effects subsequent to receiving a total knee replacement.

Thus, you may be entitled to full compensation to cover lost wages, medical bills, and suffering and pain.

Personal injury attorneys desire to assist you. Many skillful and knowledgeable attorneys can review your records of surgery, and protect your legal rights in a Zimmer Persona knee replacement lawsuit.

Legal counseling can help you determine if you have a solid case. However, it is crucial to find out if your knee implant is defective.

Many individuals who endure total knee replacement are not aware of components of the exact model used during surgery. Immediately contact an attorney if you acquired a total knee replacement, and you experience the following: side-effects from a knee implant; and you already underwent, or you require an additional knee surgery to remedy a Zimmer implant defect.

It’s understandable if you are unsure which components were utilized.

Personal injury attorneys can review your healthcare records to help dean your rights to recover damages in Zimmer Persona knee replacement lawsuit.

Defective Knee Implant Symptoms and Side Effects

Patients who suffer from defects in components of Zimmer Persona may experience a host of symptoms, such as: pain in the knees; limited range of motion; joint popping; difficulty in moving or walking; and a lack of ability or difficulty to balance.

These side-effects usually stipulate long-term revision surgeries to remedy, which can hinder patients in working or moving while they recover.

Patients in the thousands who received Zimmer Persona knee replacements with defects have filed lawsuits already, and the initial bellwether cases have been heard.

Plaintiffs allege that these devices resulted in loss of mobility, pain, and additional injury, and failed in its early stages.

Revision surgeries, in most cases, have been stipulated to address these complications as a result of failures in the device.

Individuals are seeking damages for the cost of suffering and pain, and additional surgeries as a result of sustained injuries and complications, and compensatory damages which victims have sustained because of losing mobility.

If you acquired a Zimmer Persona knee replacement, and there was failure in the device, or caused additional injury to your knee or lack of mobility, you may have the ability to recover damages in a lawsuit, which entail associated medical costs with treatment of injuries, as well as compensatory damages, such as because of an inability to work.

Currently, the cases being heard may have an effect on your personal case, and the likelihood that the company may attempt to settle before going to trial a Zimmer Persona knee replacement lawsuit.

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