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Zofran Lawsuit Settlements

The calamity persists to mount regarding the intent of negligence by GlaxoSmithKline to sell Zofran on the market to pregnant mothers for treating morning sickness, despite being well aware of deleterious side-effects on the unborn; women are coming forward with lawsuits pertaining to Zofran.

There are a number of conditions which have been connected to using Zofran within the first trimester of pregnancy. As the potential for a major class action boosts, GlaxoSmithKline may have no choice but to agree to Zofran lawsuit settlements.

It is crucial to be aware how this type of settlement could affect your personal lawsuit, and any legal rights prior to agreement with any terms.

Zofran and Critical Birth Defects

Prior to Zofran being prescribed as a treatment off label for morning sickness, it was developed to aid individuals suffering from nausea following surgery or because of cancer treatments.

GlaxoSmithKline was aware that it wouldn’t be able to gain approval to sell the medication in public to pregnant mothers, so it provided incentives to physicians instead to prescribe it off label.

Using Zofran, since then, has been associated with the following conditions: holes in kidneys, heart, lungs, or other major organs; failure of organs to form suitably within the pregnancy; organs, in some instances, are entirely missing; cleft palate and cleft lip; damage to the brain which includes or caused by missing brain sections. Babies, in severe cases, die from these conditions after birth quickly; and developmental and neurological disorders.

The pharmaceutical giant, thus far, has decided to disputed any claim that the medication can impact the development of babies unborn although evidence has suggested that conducted research by employees derived at the conclusion there was a major risk of harm. 

Evidence that was most conclusive against the manufacturer of Zofran surfaced a few years ago. However, when samples of blood extracted from the pregnant woman’s umbilical cords, newborn babies revealed that the medication did pass through the placenta indeed.

This proves dismissal of any claims that Zofran could not have an effect on the babies of mothers prescribed this medication.

In the circumstance that GlaxoSmithKline provides Zofran lawsuit settlements, you may consider how this action could impact your own case.

It is crucial for you to realize that you are entitled to decline involvement in an offer of settlement, and that if you opt for that right, your legal case will go ahead to trial, or be subject for various subsequent settlement offers.

If you have yet to file a lawsuit pertaining to Zofran, and believe your child sustained conditions and injuries due to the prescription medication during the first trimester, you can make a claim and build your case now.

Regarding Zofran lawsuit settlements, after a complete evaluation, an attorney will inform you how to go about pursuing a claim best, and review in detail your legal options so you are well aware what to expect exactly in each step.

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